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Machine Learning or AI for eCommerce in Magento – The Definitive Guide

Machine Learning or AI for eCommerce in Magento – The Definitive Guide

With the onset of the lethal pandemic, consumer behaviors have changed drastically. The need to maintain social distancing coupled with government regulations has undoubtedly boosted eCommerce. From being an option to shoppers preferring online browsing to be the only choice available in the current scenario, the eCommerce stores have traversed a long path.

In order to survive the nerve-wracking covid-19 situation, businesses of all sizes are adapting to the new norm – going online. One of the best platforms to set up an eCommerce store is Magento Commerce. With this, store owners can attain a highly functioning eCommerce store with ease. Moreover, it can also increase the traffic rate of consumers on sites already existing on the platform. Did you know that there are more than 250,000 active eCommerce sites that use Magento? That clearly indicates the popularity of the open-source platform. To ensure seamless functioning of the online site, you must Hire Magento Developers.

According to a Google study, consumers are 40% more likely to increase their shopping budget if they find their experience to be personalized. That explains why retailers are in the constant search of making the shopping experience memorable and relevant. To enhance the customization of the digital shopping experience of buyers in real-time, leveraging AI or machine learning is crucial. In that case, Adobe’s Magento Product Recommendations is an excellent solution. Choose Dedicated Magento Developers for hire for an improved shopping experience.

What is Adobe Sensei?

Adobe uses an AI-powered technology called the Adobe Sensei. It allows users to create and offer excellent personalized experiences to consumers. The perfect integration of Adobe Sensei with Adobe Experience Cloud ensures seamless execution of ideas based on data gathered from different digital sources.

Adobe Sensei predicts buyer behaviour and allows eCommerce stores to customize their content accordingly. Moreover, it monitors the advertising campaign and aids in forecasting its effect on the business. With this, guesswork in the marketing strategies reduces dramatically.

It is true that AI is an expensive technology. As such, it became impossible for small businesses to get access to this cutting-edge tech. However, with Adobe Sensei available at a cost-effective price rate, small businesses can also take advantage of it. Here, the decision to hire magento developers is an excellent idea.

Explaining Magento Product Recommendations

Adobe released Magento Product Recommendations on 14th April 2020. It is an extension available at no extra cost for Magento Commerce merchants. With this tool, businesses can increase conversion rates, customer engagement leading to revenue increment. Moreover, it also ensures the seamless deployment of targeted and automated product recommendations that aids buyers to discover and purchase products.

Explaining Magento Product Recommendations

Advantages of Using Magento Product Recommendations

Did you know that Magento powers 1.2% of websites on the Internet? That is clearly an indication that Magento is a well-known PHP-based digital platform. There are numerous benefits associated with the usage of Magento Product Recommendations. However, to gain maximum gain, hiring Certified Magento Developers is an excellent idea. Take a look at some of them listed here –

  1. AI-based Retail Experience
AI-based Retail Experience

With the integration of Adobe Sensei, data analysis improves significantly. With the support of numerous ML algorithms, businesses can now create consumer profiles based on their interaction with the site and the different products. Here, saving customer profiles as hashed entries containing the detailed digital footprints of the consumers’ interactions with the products. That way, you can approach business with accurate data and predict consumer behaviour.

  1. Streamlining Workflow

With the aim to promote a hassle-free experience for the users, Adobe has opted for streamlining the workflow in the creation of product recommendations. Broken into well-structured steps, the documentation offers a detailed study of the tool. This is easy to grasp and implement. The major advantage is that it decreases the time needed to create the recommended products widget. Now, businesses can implement the tool and use it within a few minutes.

  1. Different Types of Recommendations

Adobe Sensei offers a wide range of options when it comes to “Recommendation Types.” Backed by this cutting-edge extension, merchants can choose the one that fits their website layout the best. The different Recommendation Types include –

  • Most purchased
  • Most viewed
  • Trending
  • Most added to cart
  • Viewed-bought
  • More like this
  • Recommended for you
  • Viewed-viewed
  • Bought-bought
  • Visual similarity

For this, Product Recommendations collects two data types – catalog data and behavioural data.

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  1. Catalog Sync and Instant Page Tagging

In order to combat website server overloading while data processing, Magento syncs the catalog of the store to a cloud service. This takes off the load from the resource-heavy process to the server and ensures that the customers can get an uninterrupted shopping experience.

Moreover, the smooth implementation of Magento doesn’t need coding in order to work with Adobe Sensei. For smooth functionality, it tags storefronts automatically to prevent any errors from occurring.

  1. Embedded User Experience
Embedded User Experience

The integration of Adobe Sensei’s user interface into the admin panel of Magento 2 is a clever move. It makes it easy for merchants to design, deploy and deal with product recommendations. With simplified management, admins can save time and strive to maximize store performance. One can measure various metrics such as impressions, views, revenue and clicks. Apart from this, they can also manage other administrative tasks like order management, etc.

Features of Magento Based on Machine Learning

Backed by the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Magento offers a wide array of features to enhance customers’ shopping experience. To gain success for your eCommerce store, the decision to Hire Dedicated Developers is the best. Here is a list of features that you can aid store managers.

  • Visual Search

First of all, it is vital to understand what a visual search is. It is basically the usage of a clear image to search for products on a site. For that, the users need to take a picture of what they want to browse and then upload it in the search bar. Integration of visual search in eCommerce stores is only possible due to ML and AI. With Magento, you can now improve customer experience with search-by sketch and search-by image options.

  • Fraud Protection
Fraud Protection

The ever-increasing online frauds have become a cause of worry for eCommerce stores. Fraudsters can take advantage of the customer information available on the profiles without the explicit knowledge and consent of both store owners and customers. Previously, manual detection of frauds was prevalent. However, today, behaviour analysis backed by AI and ML aids in the protection of eCommerce stores from scams and frauds. Magento stores offer enhanced security measures to prevent any fraud attacks on these sites. Moreover, it also prevents the stealing of customer information and financial data from the store.

  • Context-based Search

Offering relevant results based on keywords is nothing new when browsing products on an eCommerce site. However, here the issue arises when the keyword entered by the user doesn’t match with the one loaded into the database. To rectify this issue, Magento offers a context-based search. With the aid of artificial intelligence, the site will now look far beyond the keyword entered. Understanding the context of the keywords produces relevant results. It enables customers to see products even if the keywords don’t match.

  • Chatbots

In an effort to resolve queries of customers with ease, most eCommerce stores integrate Chatbots. This negates the need to communicate via email or have lengthy conversations overcall. The revolution of the Chatbots based on machine learning and artificial intelligence is noteworthy and impressive. Now, virtual purchase assistants seem to be the latest solution. These digital assistants will guide the buyers to purchase products that suit their needs the best. Moreover, they can also aid in adding products to dart and then ordering them.

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Working of Product Recommendations

Apart from assessing user behaviour, Adobe Sensei also utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict relevant products for consumers. With Product Recommendations, you can create several widgets. Take a look at some of them that you can place in the online store –

  • Most purchased products
  • Trending products
  • Highest viewed products in the past week
  • Recommendations based on browsing history
  • Recently viewed
  • Similar products
  • Sponsored products
  • Bought together

Pricing of Magento Product Recommendations

Magento Commerce users can avail of Product Recommendations free of charge through the Magento Marketplace. The tool is compatible with Magento Commerce 2.3 and above.

Being an excellent stand-alone metapackage, Product Recommendations get more frequent updates when compared to Adobe Commerce.


Without a doubt, AI or machine learning in Magento offers a wide range of benefits to the eCommerce stores. Apart from predicting consumer behavior, AI can also aid in the forecasting of impactful advertising strategies. Moreover, the scope of artificial intelligence for eCommerce in Magento is immense. It extends far beyond mere marketing plans and reaches warehouse management, security, etc. However, here, one must understand that integrating AI into the site is an expensive investment. That is why the need to integrate it properly is of critical importance. For that, you can rely on CMARIX. It is the best Machine Learning Development Company offering excellent Magento services with its team of Dedicated Magento Developers for hire.

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