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We are great at MERN Stack which comprises MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js. React as the name suggests is among the fastest frontend technology and NodeJS is a powerful Javascript driven stack, when they come together you get the best of powerful performance and scalability for your enterprise web platform.

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The MERN development services offered by CMARIX take advantage of their extensive background in building full-stack apps for startups and large corporations. With industry-wide experience and expertise in designing client solutions, MERN developers at CMARIX leverage MongoDB, Express JS, ReactJS, and NodeJS to deliver a class app.


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Widely popular MERN stack consisting of MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js offers the best technology combination for frontend, backend, database and infrastructure. To shape your web and mobile app with high performance output and versatility hire MERN stack developers from CMARIX with decades of solid experience and exceptional track record. At CMARIX we ensure a quick, smooth delivery of dynamic projects with senior MERN stack developers who have lead the development across multitude of challenging projects.

As a leading MERN stack development company, CMARIX offers some of the best developers with proven MERN stack expertise. Our developers when using the MERN stack ensures implementing the key strengths of the technology stack for shaping superior user experience and efficient output of web and mobile apps.


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Enterprise MERN Stack JavaScript Development

Web and Mobile application development

MERN Stack eCommerce Development

Custom Web Services & API Development

MERN Stack Support, Maintenance and Testing

Single Page Application (SPA) Development

Real-time Application Development

ReactJS Web Application Development

MERN Stack eCommerce Development

Code Audit Service for MERN Stack

Migration to MERN Stack from Older technology

Performance Optimization in MERN Stack

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Proactive Security Practices

We acknowledge the importance of technology security whether it’s in code, database, API or your server and we take preventive measures to ensure it’s completely secure. We follow industry best practices in regards to security and compliance to ensure data, code and all the assets are completely secure.

Turnkey Engineering

With a diverse team of MERN Stack developers, we make it very easy for you to migrate your platform from older technology to MERN Stack. For projects that need to be developed from scratch we are right partners to ensure one stop service for everything related to MERN Stack and more.

Access the best of Global Talent

We are glad of our recruitment, training and mentoring methods empowering us to build a strong team of MEAN Stack developers that helps you to access the best of global talent in MEAN Stack.

Source Code Ownership and IP Protection

We ensure you have complete ownership of the source code as well as Intellectual Property (IP) Rights for the work done by us. We write clean code, which is well commented and lean. We have third layers of code review process in place to ensure quality coding standards.

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  • The MERN development services provided by CMARIX capitalise on a wealth of experience in creating full-stack apps for enterprises and startups. In order to provide a world-class application, the MERN developers team at CMARIX make the best use of MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS. They have extensive experience and knowledge in providing customer solutions across the industry.

  • In order to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with the service they receive from CMARIX, we offer a highly adaptable staffing approach and completely transparent pricing. When it comes to hiring MERN developers in India, we have some of the most affordable rates.As a top provider of MERN stack development services, CMARIX provides some of the top programmers with solid MERN stack knowledge.

  • They lead to JavaScript apps that are lightweight. However, the primary distinction rests in its structure. As a result, MEAN stack is a superior choice for large-scale applications, while MERN stack wins the battle for the ability to construct smaller apps more quickly.

  • MERN Stack's rise to prominence in recent years can be attributed to the fact that developers never have to transition between front-end and back-end modes of operation. The MERN stack is in high demand and is an excellent solution for any company to implement.

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