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Laravel is a popular open source framework for web development. Laravel platform is equipped with bundle of functionalities that provides ease in standard tasks like notifications, data migrations and more. The modular package system of Laravel is integrated with composer which acts as a dependency manager. Laravel even has an Eloquent ORM with the more powerful implementation of the active record pattern. The mainstays of Laravel application development services are quick turnaround and a robust extension ability using multiple modules or bundles.

CMARIX delivers highly customized and best in class web development solutions with expressive and elegant syntax of Laravel framework. Our team of dedicated Laravel developers accurately uses latest methodologies to deliver highly adaptable, exclusive and complex applications that perfectly replicate the business requisites.

We have experience in

  • Enterprise Laravel Applications

  • 100+ API integrations

  • Database Optimization

  • Pentaho and other BI platform integration

  • SAP, Salesforce, Sage and Quickbooks integration

  • Laravel mobile application development

  • Laravel extension development

  • Laravel RESTful app development

  • Flysystem, ACL, Swiftmailer, SparkPost Integrations

  • Amazon SES library Integration

  • Laravel Maintenance Services

  • Platform Migration Services

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