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The Next Phase Of E-Commerce With Visual Search

The Next Phase Of E-Commerce With Visual Search

E-Commerce and retail have always been the muse for the technological breakthroughs. It was due to fashion that the emergence of Google Image Search in 2000 took place; as the most popular search query at that time was “J.Lo’s navel green dress” that she wore for the Grammy Awards.

Now, when we fast forward the time, eCommerce is landed to a space of machine learning, artificial intelligence so that visual technology and visual commerce can reach an elevation and boost conversion rates for online fashion admirers.

The Emergence Of Visual Search

We are sure, a moment in your life you would want something you just saw and did not know what keywords can help you to buy the similar product. Isn’t it? Visual Search is the magic for your hope.

For better understanding, Visual Search & visual recognition helps a user to search any desired product with its images. So, if you are searching for “black gown with off-shoulders” you don’t need to type, all you need to do is upload a picture and you will get similar product suggestions you’re looking for.

When asked our certified Magento developers about Visual Search, he conveyed “Visual Search is the search engine without keywords”

Do you know? Zappos was the first eCommerce company in 2009 to use Visual Search. Later in 2010, Visual Search was big news when the company enabled users to find similar products online while comparing prices with similar products acquired by different search giants.

The Answers For ‘Why Visual Search & Not Text Search?’

The process of text-based search is that you need to include all the relevant keywords in the product description and Meta details of the page. The text search result will be based on the product content that includes the words keyword has.

Fortunately, with Visual search you will be able to eliminate the need for using a ‘right keyword’ and the image to image comparison will get the results you were looking for. That’s why visual search for eCommerce will always be given a priority over text-based search in eCommerce.

Visual Search, A Boon For E-Commerce Websites

We are in an era where new and innovative solutions are required to entice shoppers back to the online stores, and Visual Search is playing a crucial in integrating personalized experience an eCommerce website development services needs. Knocking your grey cell, and wondering ‘how’? Know how visual search is fueling the eCommerce websites today to drive better growth:

  • Precise Search Results: The shopper won’t return in vain if he doesn’t find the product after searching half of the catalog. As with one click now you can suggest the similar product of related pattern color and shape. Due to this you can minimize the overall ‘Cart-drops’ and retain the customers by recommending the popular, style-based and similar product.
  • Easy-Navigation: The user would not need to move from one page to other, he/she can reach the category page, upload the picture, click and search the catalog.
  • De-Duplication: With this feature, you can easily identify and remove the duplicate products. This product optimization becomes easy with visual search.

How Visual Search Drives E-commerce Growth?

  • Discover The Catalogue Completely

    Today, the user on an eCommerce website can only discover about 30% of the whole catalog with similar products with different colors being displayed again and again. The remaining catalog is not explored due to the dearth of good search and recommendations. However, with Visual search, you can see the whole catalog.

    A statistics done by eMarketer conveys that eCommerce site boosts 48% more product views and 75% more return visits and up to 11% increase in average order value.

eCommerce developers

  • Time & Lead-Conversion Efficient

    The feature of visual search helps to promptly serve the desired product along with a few similar products with different prices. This turns out to be a time-saver, as the shoppers don’t need to scroll through different pages that barely fall in the parameters of interest. The quick decision helps the users to quickly move down the sales funnel and encourage them to come back or purchase more items they want.

    Moreover, this feature helps consumers to not get stuck, if the clothing they desire is out of stock or not available.

  • Visual Search Chatbots Fills The Gap Between Online & Offline

    We are fortunate to envisage the match-made of chatbots & mobile commerce. Visual search chatbots help users to spot the real-life item and instantly shop it online. The real-life images can be the one downloaded from the internet, social networks, or pictures taken offline by the user.

    Visual search chatbots tap the young market segment by influencing the social media purchase. This indispensable tool for eCommerce will provide an exceptional personalized experience at a wide scale with boundless efficiency.

    Based on statistics revealed by Accenture, “social media will be the most preferred channel for the upcoming generation, having 69% of young consumers”.

    Moreover, the chatbots offer a natural communication experience to online shoppers who love to talk and use their mobile devices.

  • It Discreetly Helps Upsell

    Let’s assume, a user may visit the website with the desire to purchase a specific shirt. Now, once the user reaches the product page, you can feature a model wearing the similar shirt with trendy jeans, shoes, sunglasses, watch, hat and more – all available on the website.

    The visual search AI will easily identify the matches and convey the visitor that they can shop the whole look at a better price. As you hover over the look, you can find different options over the item model is wearing. This technique enhances the likelihood of the consumer as he may impulsively place more items into the cart before checkout of a specific item.

  • ‘Out of Stock’ Turns Into An Opportunity

    It’s easy to understand the frustration, the user may get when he/she finds the product out of stock. With visual search, you can stop them from closing the tab and navigate to other product/website that may have a similar product. This gentle nudge of visual search gives shoppers an opportunity to purchase to explore a product they may not have spotted on their own.

Wrap Up

With the blend of image and video recognition, now visual search technology will translate any offline content online while bringing new opportunities for publishers, broadcasters, retailers and other industries to bring the desired things to life.

Moreover, the between the line here even conveys, about measurable consumer behavior. The retailers can track the real-time customer interaction, location, demographics, and more with full-range of stats being displayed on CMS. So, as innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors you need to be steadfast in the uptake of this new disruptive technology, that has the potent to fill the gap of both offline and online retail markets.

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