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Back-End Development Services

There’s much more beyond an appealing, intuitive web application that a user could never see. Our backend development services help you build the operations that are as performant at the back as they are in the front.

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Back-End Development Services
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The front-end applications are the face of your brand, but the real labor happens at the backend. The backend development marks on speed, scalability and reliability that today’s customer looks for. With an intuitive, high performing web or mobile application you won’t fall behind the needs of today’s loyal customer’s expectation. Backend developers at CMARIX have knack in developing backend systems that are at the core of their expertise. We provide profound, performant functions and infrastructure that work as the foundation for robust security, class integration and more. Our backend development services ensure your database, server and application connect seamlessly to get the work done.

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We strategize to operate and create a proper server-side development assigning senior engineers to execute an appropriate system development with high performance, scalability, portability, and security.


Compromising on design for the best idea and quality code won’t cut through the market. We blend all moods of users and plan a design that directly reaches to the heart of the user.


Development projects, including web apps, mobile apps, API development, cloud deployment, etc. are created using the best choice of suitable programming language, framework, and database management systems.


Beyond the testing of UI, backend and database testing are vital for complex solutions and data-sensitivity. Backend testing has three parts of Database testing, namely; Structural testing, Functional testing, and Non-functional testing.

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Working with CMARIX means their backend development expertise will power your beautiful frontend experiences that customers love.

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