Food and Beverages

CMARIX brings innovation and expertise together to deliver top-rated food delivery, smart restaurant management and related creative products. We create difference by perfecting the conversation-centric solution and crafting commerce experiences that delight people. Let our food software empower you to scale and soar high with revenues.

Food and Beverages Industry
Our Mission

By 2026, the food eCommerce business will be worth $498 million and the annual growth rate will be 20.3%. It’s high time to delight customers with your food business being online.

Our Domain

We Serve Delight To Customers With Our Food Software Development Solutions

Food Ordering System

We build the most well equipped restaurant software solutions to help restaurants and food chains cater to more customers, improve customer service and efficiency, enhance their bottom line and ensure consistent growth.

POS Solution

We build industry specific Point of Sale (POS) software for the food industry and restaurant businesses and help daily restaurant operations and deal with all the tasks in restaurant businesses ranging from faster tracking of orders tracking and management, managing databases, etc.

Restaurant CRM Solutions

We develop custom CRM software solutions for restaurants and food supply chains across the niches and help restaurants analyse customer databases and generate customer leads based on the order history across outlets.

Food app development

We build highly feature rich and advanced mobile food delivery and food aggregator apps to help restaurants and food delivery businesses to gain direct access to the expanding home delivery market.


Power Your Business With Custom Food Software Development Services

Food Product Development Software

We design and develop food production management software solutions equipped with features related to R&D data management, tracking ingredients, developing recipes, tracking weights, scaling food yield and tracking nutrition

Food Manufacturing ERP Systems

We develop most well equipped food production ERP software solutions to integrate different processes like production, distribution, sales and marketing, accounting, and CRM to manage and handle diverse food processing and administrative tasks in a manufacturing unit.

Food Industry Supply Chain Management

We develop business specific supply chain management software solutions for the food processing industry that cater to the specific requirements of the food and beverage companies and manufacturers in regard to the raw material quality, quantity and other considerations.

Menu creating and management software

We develop custom and well equipped software to help restaurants manage and organise menus based on different cuisines, materials and customer preferences besides allowing companies to maintain nutritional value and cost components with the same software.

Kitchen maintenance and management software

We develop robust kitchen maintenance and management software capable to work in conjunction with the ERP solutions for smooth kitchen processes, synchronised food processing, waste management, and task automation.

Food Quality and Food Security Solutions

We build advanced food quality and food safety solutions that help food manufacturers to adhere to industry acclaimed compliance guidelines and certifications like ISO, HACCP, HARPC, GFSI, etc and that can be integrated with all existing ERP systems.

Food Distribution and supply Software solutions

We develop highly efficient and customised food distribution and food supply software solutions befitting diverse food production and distribution companies and we take care of all tasks including dispatch, wholesale distribution to grocery for running smooth operations.

Working with CMARIX means your business revenues are doubled up with a customer-centric food software application.