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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, which provides scalable, adaptable and highly reliable infrastructure platform in the cloud. AWS is the best in class among cloud computing service providers. AWS offers web-based computing services to build cloud computing platform that helps organizations to grow rapidly, reduce IT costs, database storage, and content delivery. Amazon provides web services for computing, database, storage, networking, deployment, support and management to facilitate businesses to migrate their operations to the cloud. AWS offers an access over HTTP, using REST and SOAP protocols.

At CMARIX, we leverage maximum benefits from the AWS platform ensuring prominent Solution for business requirement. Hire our AWS Developer and make business solutions truly global and accessible through the power of cloud environment and AWS with an extensive set of on-demand global functionality.

We have experience in

  • Amazon EC2, VPC, Ligthsail, Lambda

  • Amazon DynamoDB, DAX, Redshift

  • Data migration over Amazon

  • Infrastructure Management Services

  • AWS Cloud Consulting

  • Cloud Cost Optimization

  • SAP HANA Workloads on Cloud

  • Cloud Architecture and Security

  • Business Model Integration

  • AWS Application Deployment Services

  • Performance Optimization Services

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

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  • 12+ AWS Developers
  • 9+ years of Experience in AWS
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  • 210 Points Process Orientation
  • 260+ Custom software solutions

Team. Talent. Technology.Benefits of Hiring AWS Developer from CMARIX

  • Certified AWS Developers

  • Pro-active Approach

  • Flexible Hiring Models

  • Source Code Authorization

  • Strict NDA Terms

  • Fluent Communication

  • Usage of Industry Best Practices

  • Access to Source Code all the time

  • Daily Reporting

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Adherence to Deadlines

  • Security and IP Protection