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Setup ODC in India

Entrepreneur tends to leverage comprehensive benefits of outsourcing adequately by setting up an Offshore Development Center in the developing countries like India. Offshore Development Center (ODC) model is a preferred option when organizations have long-term operational plans. It offers strategic partnership and collaboration; creating a mutually beneficial connection between the merchant and the client. It also offers benefits that absolutely ease the business processes and offer a competitive edge to the organizations. Offshore Development Center (ODC) is preferred way for organizations to efficiently execute, maintain and enhance software product for their business.

CMARIX assist you with the setting-up an Offshore Development Centres in India that brings a positive change in your business patterns while adapting the latest technology to simplify business operations. It can gradually increase the productivity and offers flexibility to meet the changing business needs.

Offshore Development Center

Benefits of having an Offshore Development Center (ODC)

  • Technology Leverage: CMARIX have in house team of 115+ employees providing you with seamless advantage to ensure you have right skill sets available to any of your technological needs. This provides an immense advantages of having the flexibility of scaling up or down the team based on business needs.
  • Retain Domain And Skill Knowledge: A dedicated team working on the customer’s software/technology will retain domain knowledge. There is also total freedom to propagate your own corporate procedures, systems and management techniques at the ODC. Protection of intellectual property based on international IP laws.
  • The ODC will provide for staff planning that ensures the client does not lose time or effort due to change of personnel. It shall do so through:
    • Knowledge Transfer Processes.
    • Continuous learning by a core dedicated management team.
    • Staff rotation and replacement in a planned manner.
    • Retention of staff through innovative HR initiatives.
  • Cost Saving On HR Processes:Your business benefits from the time and cost it saves by leveraging CMARIX ODC facilities to ensure you have people with “right” skillset working for you. You do not need to spend a dollar for recruitment advertising; hiring consultants or any other sort of HR based recruitment activities.
  • Cost Saving On Infrastructure:CMARIX has a very modern and sophisticated infrastructure in place which provides a private office area on ODC setup. Your business does not need to invest into buying/renting office setting up all the furniture and ensuring all the corresponding hardware is in place for the team
  • Zero Operating Cost:Every business has operating cost like electricity bills, rentals, Internet, phone, cleaning staff and so on. With ODC setup you do not incur any operating cost.
  • Freedom From Payroll Processing Or Compliances:You do not need to invest in HR for payroll processing or invest in Accountants for tax and other regulatory compliances.
  • Legal Security:Client confidentiality is very important and while CMARIX ensures all the employees sign a legal document with CMARIX to ensure all the communication, information and data for the work done stays with the company and isn’t being disclosed outside under any circumstances.Security in terms of software piracy, clients’ proprietary data, code and other information and communication is of paramount importance to CMARIX. We have taken stringent steps to ensure that for every software engineer or other employee working in a CMARIX office, a strict security and access standard is defined and adhered to.
  • Physical Security:
    • Access Control and Accountability
    • Transmission Security
    • Password Management
    • Firewall implementation
    • Software and Data Security
    • Virus Protection
    • System Audit Trails
    • Clients’ Assets Protection
    • Hardware Security
    • Employee Non-Disclosure/ access control
  • Ownership- IP Rights: Client will be having complete ownership of the work done. Complete source code as well as third party selling rights will be provided for the same.
  • ODC-Global Delivery Model (GDM):We at CMARIX have successful track record of clubbing Offshore Development Model (ODC) with Global Delivery Model (GDM). Whereby, based on client’s business needs selected members can travel onsite to client location for preferred duration and return to continue with offshore division. This is very effective as it provides benefits of local connection as well as offshore pricing.

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