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Our expertise as a company is delivering turnkey enterprise web and mobility solutions. We implement automated quality assurance methodology for enterprise projects to ensure streamlined quality assurance process and faster turnaround time. We have expertise in Selenium, Appium, IBM RFT and other automated QA testing frameworks.

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CMARIX offers automated software testing solutions. We offer intelligent, scalable testing automation services powered by a flexible business model that can handle the pace, complexity, and volume of modern enterprises. Our testing solutions improve product quality, reduce production costs, and maximise ROI.


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Our best in class Automated Selenium testers have proven experience in quality assuring enterprise products which includes combination of web platform, mobile platform as well as Desktop application.

Hire automated testers from CMARIX to implement enterprise projects using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI-CD) methodology. CI-CD is the smartest work methodology required for executing enterprise projects. Automated testing is an integral part of CI/CD methodology as it allows you to test more frequently without additional overhead or any manual work. Priority of Automated testing is always to detect bugs as soon as possible, almost in near real time, so it can be addressed and corrected right away.


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Why Hire Developers?

Why Hire Automated Testers from CMARIX?

Automated Testing in CI-CD

DevOps based implementation requires continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI-CD), whereby testing as much as and as early as possible is inevitable. This is made possible using Automated Testing.

Communication And Transparency

Our Project Management, Design, Development and Quality Assurance team work very close to delivery synergy for our end customers. We provide detailed test cases and documentation which are very important asset of any software project.

Always On Schedule

Delivery date is important for every project. Poor quality is the number one reason why IT projects are delayed globally. Our Quality Assurance team is ahead of time finding bugs and ensuring the development team solves it as part of our CI-CD implementation.

Scalable Implementation

Scalability is among our top priority when designing software architecture and delivering the project. We implement load testing, performance testing, security testing and related best practices to ensure that your web or mobile application can scale with ease.

Our Automation Testers Talent

Elevate Quality Assurance: Hire Dedicated Automation Testers

Automation testing emerges as a game-changer, offering a robust means to validate new product versions. It surpasses manual testing in multiple aspects, such as cost reduction, accelerated time to market, streamlined development workflows, and ultimately, the enhancement of end-product quality.

At CMARIX, we empower your online business endeavors by providing access to top-tier automation testing developers. As a leading automation testing company, we are committed to delivering exceptional testing services to clients worldwide. Our skilled developers leverage the most advanced automation frameworks and tools, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services that align perfectly with your needs.

Our approach at CMARIX is rooted in a dedication to quality software solutions. We operate under the radar, with customer satisfaction as our compass, and this unwavering commitment and dedication have propelled us to unbeaten success in the industry.

By choosing CMARIX to hire dedicated automation testers, you're making a strategic investment in the quality and reliability of your software products. Our experienced automation test engineers are adept at identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring the flawless operation of your applications. Whether you require a single automation QA programmer or an entire automation team, we have the talent and expertise to cater to your specific needs.

Join hands with CMARIX, a trusted partner in India, to hire automation testers who are passionate about elevating the quality of your software products. Experience the benefits of automation testing with CMARIX, and propel your business to new heights. Contact us today to discuss your automation testing requirements and take the first step towards ensuring the excellence of your software solutions.

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Some of FAQs

  • When it comes to hiring remote automation testing specialists from offshore locations, we have a straightforward process in place. Please provide us with a profile of your preferred applicant. From among the candidates in our talent pool who have already been screened, we will create a shortlist of automation testing specialists that are a good fit for your needs. In order to assess the capabilities of our specialists, you may conduct an interview with them via a video call. Following the completion of the final confirmation, our sales staff will initiate the agreement procedure and ensure that the hired specialists are seamlessly integrated into your project.

  • Automated QA testing is the use of software tools and scripts to perform tests and assess the functionality of any software application. Automated QA adds tremendous value because it helps improve testing efficiency, increases test coverage, minimizes human error, and enables faster delivery of high-quality software. It is commonly used in agile development for medium to large size projects.

  • Hiring a QA automation engineer brings efficiency through automated testing, broader test coverage, and improved accuracy. It supports scalability, enables seamless integration in CI/CD pipelines, and leads to long-term cost savings in software development.

  • Our QA engineers possess a fantastic skillset comprising of the following:

    • Expertise in Selenium WebDriver, Appium, TestComplete and JUnit
    • Knowledge of test frameworks such as TestNG, JUnit, NUnit and others
    • Strategic Test Designs
    • Enterprise coverage for Test Cases
    • Cross Team Communication
    • Excellent interpersonal skills

    With these skills, our QA engineers are in the top 1% of the industry. Get in touch today to know more.

  • Just follow these 4 steps to get an Automation Engineer quickly.

    • Share detailed requirement.
    • Pick an engineer from a pool matching your needs.
    • Conduct in-depth interviews to assess skill set.
    • Onboard once you’re satisfied.
  • The cost of hiring a Test Automation Engineer can vary depending on several factors, including their experience level, location, and the specific requirements of the job. Salaries for Test Automation Engineers can range from around $50k USD to over $120k USD per year, with variations based on the geographical location and market demand. At CMARIX we offer the best rates for highly skilled developers, which starts at $18 USD per hour.

  • CMARIX has been one of the leading companies in the software development industry for over 14 years. We hire only the top 1% of automation testers in the industry which gives us the edge to produce the highest quality of projects. Get in touch to know more about automation testers.

  • Automated QA engineers ensure test script stability and maintainability by adhering to the industry best practices in designing the test script and architecture. Use of modular and reusable code, ensuring proper documentation, handling test data optimally, and regularly enhancing and updating test scripts as the application evolves are some of the key checkpoints which QA engineers from CMARIX focus on.

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