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NodeJS is an open-source, JavaScript-based, server-side runtime environment. The use of an event-driven I/O model which is non-blocking makes it effective and lightweight. As an asynchronous event driven framework, it is perfect for data-intensive real-time applications which run across distributed devices. It is designed with Google V8 engine to build scalable and speedier web applications. NodeJS is equipped with a rich set of JavaScript modules that enhances the web development practices to a great extent.

At CMARIX, we develop robust, swift and scalable web applications by leveraging the power of full stack, JavaScript development by using the software bundle of NodeJS technologies. Hire dedicated NodeJS developers from the leading NodeJs development company and get an assured proficient scalable web application solutions.

We have experience in

  • Rest API development in NodeJS

  • MEAN Stack Development

  • Real time Enterprise applications

  • Intelligent BOT Development

  • Multiplayer gaming engine

  • Building custom micro-services

  • Custom Network applications

  • Long-polling applications

  • Progressive Web Apps

  • Dashboard Development

  • NodeJS Maintenance Services

  • Enterprise NodeJS Application

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