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Magento Pricing Guide: How Much Does It Cost To Build Magento eCommerce Store?

Magento Pricing Guide: How Much Does It Cost To Build Magento eCommerce Store?

Magento is a well-known open-source ecommerce platform that has been written in PHP and was released in the year 2008. The success was great, and by the year 2015, the world was stormed by magenta 2.0 with some minor and major updates that were brought within the previous version.

The eCommerce business started, it is completely dependent upon the investment made by the business owner. But for determining the precise development cost of Magento, it can become quite challenging. But if the business has plans to hire Magento developers, it will be beneficial and effective. Considering the same, the article has been prepared to provide complete details about the Magento pricing, price determinants and how much it can cost for creating the online store and much more. Give a read to understand it better.

Magento Pricing Plans- How Much Will it Cost for the Business?

Considering the maintenance and implementation cost according to Magento Development Company, it is not that easy because a lot of factors are considered for it. Magento is known for offering different price plans. A business can easily choose amidst the best-suited plan.

Magento, it offers 3 editions to the business to choose from. On the one hand, where the basic price plan is completely free to use, the enterprise edition can cost around $22,000 per annum. The cloud version of its cost per annum is $2000 (hosting services not included).

For a better explanation, if a business is choosing enterprise edition, the cost of development for this plan will start at $22,000 annually. It can even increase considering extensions and plugins, which are decided for installation. If a business makes a decision to use an eCommerce platform, remain prepared for splurging on the extensions and plugins for the increase in the functionality of the store.

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Magento Edition- Types

As of now, three editions are offered by Magento. The names of editions change yearly by Magento. It is completely dependent upon the edition chosen, what price will be charged for the final edition. In-detail Magento editions considering functionality,

Magento Community Edition

Magento Community Edition
  • It is free of cost and targets skilled developers and small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Other charges can come up for the user like domain name, configuration, web hosting and alike.
  • It is an open-source platform, and therefore, the user will be required to choose and then pay for web store hosting services.
  • For adding more functions to the Web Store, Magento can be used for the marketplace of Magento extensions.
  • Businesses can use web servers API for integrating with the database.
  • The features include better security (can require extra payment for store security), performance (maintaining extensions to maintain performance), functionality (can require Magento connect for taking support from the extensions), code-level access, mobile HTML theme is pre-integrated, order management, etc.

Magento Enterprise Edition

  • A subscription fee is charged.
  • The addition provides much more features than the community Edition.
  • The enterprise edition offers powerful security features, i.e., features of PA-DSS, for customers’ security.
  • Works faster than the free version.
  • Provides some advanced features including a lower rate of advertising, audience-targeted offering, permission for price and promotion, Magento team technical support, assisted shopping with the call centre software, enhanced catalogue, better content management system, managing large products easily, enhanced calculation of tax, etc.

Magento Commerce Cloud

  • The most expensive plan for the Magento is charged for the commerce cloud edition.
  • It offers much more features than other editions, and this is why most developers prefer it.
  • Offers better security and performance along with functionality.
  • Some amazing features that come as a part of Magento commerce cloud are content staging and preview, B2B commerce, instant purchase and merchandising, page builder and product recommendations, global expansion, ERP integration, better security and trust, quality customer service and better order management, etc.

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Magento Community Edition- Best Pricing Plans

As said above, the community edition version of Magento is free to download, but the user is required to pay for the other features. It might cost around $15000 per annum with some standard functions, no integration, along with an external system and free theme. As one will be required to make the payment for the features, giving a read below about the additional cost which will be required to be spent on different services will help.

  • The service charge for hosting will be dependent upon the chosen service provider and also on the hosting type chosen. Unmanned hosting services, it generally starts from $10, and it can go high to $250 per month. $190 per month can be charged for managed hosting services.
  • If the business has plans for a customized Store and wishes to create a unique experience for the customers, dedicated developers for hire will be very helpful. They will help get better results with the premium or custom-made theme. The themes can cost around $29-499.
  • Above 5000 extensions are offered by Magento, and one can hire dedicated developers to help choose the best. The price of extensions is completely dependent upon the developers and also extension type. The lowest price for it is $50.
  • Magento, it is not an easy/simple platform for use. It is sophisticated, and the complicated program might require good programming skills along with an understanding of platform technicalities. Here, in this case, to consult any web developers will be the right choice as the professional help will help run the web store optimally. The cost here would be $125 per hour.
  • The maintenance and support of the online or web store will be required to maintain the standard. The business will be required to provide regular updates in regards to design, security, etc. So, to hire certified developers is the right choice.

Magento Enterprise Edition- Best Pricing Plans

Complete support is provided by the team of Magento in this edition. Subscribers also receive customer support through email and phone. $18,000 per annum is the annual subscription fee for the enterprise edition of Magento, and this addition is quite good for medium-sized businesses.

  • This edition of Magento provides a PA-DSS security feature. This is additional to the PCI compliance.
  • Herein, in this case of enterprise edition, the performance can get improved by the installation of third-party extensions. However, this will add up to the price of Magento.

Magento Commerce Cloud- Best Pricing Plans

Several advanced functions are offered by the commerce cloud version of Magento. This edition is preferred by varied large businesses having a big turnover. The eCommerce app development cost of using this edition completely depends upon the revenue generation of the business. Any business owner earning above $25,000,000 will be required to pay the licence cost of $22000, and this can even go upward to $190,000 annually.

  • The starting cost of posting service in this edition of Magento is $500 every month. Charges are included within the licence already.
  • Definitely, after spending so much, one would not choose a free theme for the store as they are bland and simple. As aesthetics play a vital role in customer attraction towards the Store, custom-made themes or premium themes for the store will be helpful, and the cost of it will be between $29-499.
  • For extensions, it might cost around $50.
  • A web store running on the technical platform, it can get tricky if one isn’t tech-savvy. So instead of struggling with Store technicalities, spend time on store marketing. For development, one can hire enthusiastic developers who will charge around $125, and it may vary with the chosen company. More experience the higher the charge will be.
  • Maintenance and support are also required, and the charge of it will be completely dependent upon the dedicated developers for hire.

Final Words

A web store (basic) that is based upon Magento, might require an expense of between $22,000-50,000. It can even be cheaper if a business wishes to continue with the basic store and few extensions. The development pricing of Magento will be dependent upon the factors including edition and hosting services are chosen, the customization level of Web Store, options for development, installation of extensions and themes, etc. Remember, it will all be worth it because the Magento development, the cost of it always outweighs the benefits provided to the platform.

So once the edition is chosen, just install the Magento plugin and customize the store. Install extensions if required, and that’s it. The Magento web store is completely ready and functional. Enjoy the services.

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