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Our Team

We are the team of experienced professionals providing turnkey technology solutions with clients across 46 countries globally. We have global exposure bridging the cultural gap and facilitating seamless collaboration. Our engineers have not only been using the latest technology, but actually contributing actively to grow the overall technology ecosystem. We are creators of technology.

We are passionate about technology and enable paradigm shift to businesses using latest technology solution. We believe and foresee technology as not just a means to an end but as a multi-core, multi-dimensional and multi-channeled approach to bring enrichment, novelty and leverage to any business irrespective of the domain or geography.

Team is coming in...

  • Chirag Mudsa


  • Ankit

    Project Manager

  • Kapil

    Design Lead

  • Mitesh

    Business Development

  • Piyush

    PHP Lead

  • Viram

    Project Lead

  • Parth

    DotNet Lead

  • Atman Rathod

    Executive Director

  • Ketan

    Zend Guru

  • Nirav

    Front-End Expert

  • Feni

    HR Manager

  • Kashyap

    Mobile Team Lead

  • Khushboo

    Digital Marketing Expert

  • Hiren

    PHP Framework Champ

  • Sundaram

    Front-End Expert

  • Kishan

    PHP OpenSource Expert

  • Jiten

    IT Admin

  • Jeegnasa Mudsa

    Executive Director

  • Keval

    Business Consultant

  • Saumil

    Mr. Microsoft

  • Shahrukh

    PHP OpenSource Master

  • Bhumika

    PHP OpenSource Gem

  • Harsh

    DotNet Champ

  • Bhavya

    UI Designer

  • Chirag

    PHP Framework Expert

  • Tejas

    C# Expert

  • Akshay

    DotNet Expert

  • Brinda

    Magento Champ

  • Shyam

    Business Analyst

  • Ketan

    iOS Master

  • Anil

    Unity 3D Master

  • Parth T.

    Mr. Apple

  • Nishant

    Project Coordinator

  • Rahil

    PHP Champ

  • Pravin

    Full-Stack Dev

  • Tinkal

    PHP Framework Champ

  • Dhaval

    DotNet MVC Expert

  • Maulik

    Shopify Champ

  • Rushi

    DotNet Gem

  • Neha

    QA Engineer

  • Shail

    PHP Framework Dev

  • Dipak

    PHP Framework Champ

  • Vighnesh

    DotNet Champ

  • Kishan D.

    PHP OpenSource Expert

  • Bhavin

    Magento Expert

  • Jyoti


  • Tejpal

    Javascript Dev

  • Ashok

    DotNet Expert

  • Shalini

    Social Media Expert

  • Vishal

    PHP Framework Expert

  • Bheru

    Front-End Dev

  • Nisha

    DotNet Champ

  • Siddhi

    Office Representative

  • Aamin

    DotNet Gem

  • Dhruvil

    PHP Framework Champ

  • Kiran

    Sr. Sales Executive

  • Tanvi

    WordPress Gem

  • Devsi

    Social Media Expert

  • Darshana

    DotNet Expert

  • Hitesh

    DotNet MVC Guru

  • Jinkal

    iOS Gem

  • Harshil

    PHP OpenSource Gem

  • Sugney

    PHP Champ

  • Arjun

    Magento Champ

  • Aman

    UI/UX Gem

  • Archana

    WordPress Champ

  • Bharat

    Magento Gem

  • Viren

    WordPress Champ

  • Rushabh

    PHP OpenSource Expert

  • Damini

    PHP Expert

  • Dhaval

    Javascript Dev

  • Drashti

    Graphic Designer

  • Harsh

    PHP Framework Gem

  • Rajeshree

    PHP Gem

  • Jinal

    QA Enginner

  • Komal

    PHP Champ

  • Harsh

    Magento Gem

  • Pankaj

    WordPress Champ

  • Priyanka

    PHP Gem

  • Bhavesh

    PHP Framework Gem

  • 40+ MORE

  • We are the team of ambitious individuals who are working together to bring out the best in themselves and in technology to add value to your business.

  • 115Technocrats
  • 1100Web Platforms
  • 290Mobile Apps
  • 260Custom Solutions


We have been active contributors to technology ecosystem and have been delivering solutions and services across diverse business domains. We not only use latest technology, but also create them.


We understand your business domain. Having worked across 28 domains globally, our domain experts and functional consultants understand the challenges in given business domain. We provide best practices and solution that adheres to industry standards to implement turnkey solution and services.


We are among the very few companies who has a dedicated team for research and development which comprises 15% of our total manpower. Technology is all about doing more with less. With correct exploration, experimentation and execution new ways are invented which are smarter, faster and better than traditional methods.


We love our customers and are completely relationship oriented. We take our work very personally and deliver it professionally. We see ourselves as a catalyst to your business growth and a backbone for all your technology needs.