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Magento 2.0 Revolution in eCommerce Development

Magento 2.0 Revolution in eCommerce Development

Magento grabs the striking attention among the bundle of e-Commerce platform, with its highly scalable and flexible eCommerce Platform. It is among the fastest-growing eCommerce platform with more than $50+ billion in gross transactions annually that empower more than millions of online stores including some of the leading brands and businesses. The extraordinary store features and support makes this platform a unique choice among the business for getting improved profit and higher Return of investment.

Above image accurately depicts the trends in Magento implementation in the eCommerce ecosystem. Yes, Magento has reached newer heights and with newer Magento 2.0 version we are forecasting this trend to grow in coming days.

Some quick facts regarding current Magento implementation:

Magento 2.0 Revolution

With the latest features of Magento 2.0 developers can adapt it easily and can provide more functionality to the customers.

Architecture changes: Magento 2.0 has major architecture changes. It has become more modular, cloud-friendly and provides greater development flexibility. New Magento architecture is tailored in such a way that it supports faster third party API implementations.

Improved Experience: Yes, you will have a new refreshing admin interface. Lots of critical thinking has been done to ensure you have a new look and feel with this new Magento version. It means fewer clicks, Modern flat design, better accessibility, and improved usability.

Platform Compatibility: Magento 2.0 supports the latest technologies like the latest PHP versions, CSS3, HTML5, MySQL and so on. The E-commerce platform of this new version uses the jQuery library by default instead of prototype.js.

Easy front-end development: Developers would be able to modify the functionalities of a website without hassle because of new leverages of Magneto 2.0 that is HTML 5 and an improved CSS Pre-processor. A definite must welcome feature by Magento developer community.

Improve scalability and performance: Magento 2.0 has improved performance because of an improvement in the indexers in terms of delivering faster query performance and made the updates efficient. Varnish cache helps to improve and reduce the server load and increase the page speed. Developers can create multiple admin users and edit products without any data conflicts. Overall page load speed and page caching have been improved. Javascript bundling and Inline Javascript implementation are among the newer changes that have been implemented.

Magento Developer

New Structure Includes: In Magento 2.0 there are some major changes in the directory structure. There are major changes applied at the root level. Everything is listed in the app structure and each module has its own view directory so that you can easily access the layout, template, JS, and CSS. There are various types of directories in Magento2.0.

  • Primary: It cannot be changed and it includes base directory, code directory, and lib directory.
  • System: Run Entrypoint class to change the location of system directory and it includes Di directory and generation directory.
  • Application: It can be configured via config.xml and to change the location of this directory Run Entrypoint This directory includes app directory, design directory, var directory, temporary directory, log directory, and session directory.
  • Public: to change the location of this directories use the same technique and implement to change the location of application and system directories. It is also configured via config.xml.

Reduce Cost of Upgradation: With Magento 2.0, it is very easy to upgrade as well as to install a new Magento extension and compare with Magento 1.x. For an instance when you upgrade the new version of Magento, it will include the updated information related to the versions policies and would also provide the related information which is needed to make your upgrades compatible with the latest version.

New Checkout Interface: Checkout functionality in eCommerce website is among the most crucial aspect as it impacts the core business area. New checkout functionality in Magento 2.0 is more intuitive and provides a better shopping experience. It offers one-step account creation and also saves customer profile for future purchases.

Magento 2.0 is more based on Symfony PHP framework along with Java fundamentals as compared to its predecessor which was based on more of core PHP. With so many attractive feature offerings and a promising future, it is time you hire Magento developer to enhance your eCommerce platform and make it more performance-centric and secure.

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Written by Jeegnasa Mudsa

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