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Hire Magento Developers to Remove the Bottleneck of User-Experience Challenges

Hire Magento Developers to Remove the Bottleneck of User-Experience Challenges

An easy and seamless shopping experience is a dream of every customer, however, most e-commerce platforms experience cart abandonment due to bad user experience. It is nothing less than a nightmare when a customer gets a cluttered outlook on visiting the shopping site, and there is a long queue of products the length of a few kilometers waiting for them.

Sounds Similar?

Sounds Similar

It is very often that, unknowingly, eCommerce platforms structure the products wrongly with no apt searching option, crushing the soul of online shopping entirely. A good shopping architecture when you Hire Magento Developers, has a lot to do with good search functionality, as it enables customers to find their way and make purchases faster.

You might find it absurd how a simple search function can change the game; then you must know that Search is one of the most critical parts of any eCommerce website, as 43% of customers go straight to the search bar to buy products.

For an optimal sales record, it is no more a hidden secret that an online store must possess a pleasing website design, navigation, and selection of products, but one of the most crucial factors is the on-site functionality in the absence of its sales record dropping drastically.

This aesthetically pleasing design is easy to be accessed with Magento websites, as this technology is your go-to formula for success.

Why Ecommerce for Magento Websites?

Ecommerce for Magento Websites

Almost 60% of online buyers prefer using mobile phones to place their orders via mobile, and this is where it is hard to deny the power of Magento eCommerce Store. Brands like Samsung, Ford, Olympus, Nike, Coca-Cola, Christian Louboutin, Lenovo, Warby Parker, Nestle Nespresso, and FoxConnect use Magento eCommerce CMS.

Magento eCommerce Store developers

Benefits Magento Holds for eCommerce Platform

Open Source- It is open source, and developers can use it to their advantage from any corner of the world. It is completely free, can be easily installed or used in any version. It accelerates the performance of the Magento online store and also promotes an e-commerce website with new features and functionalities by developing or installing the Magento modules.

Magento Community- There is a huge community of dedicated developers, programmers, bloggers, project managers, product managers, CEOs, etc., around the world, who help and work with the beloved Magento Community every day.

Superior Support- It plays a vital role in the growth and success of a business, as this platform keeps getting valuable additions in terms of security, stability, and support all year-round. This helps developers use this platform, making it easier, faster, and seamless as an eCommerce platform.

Multitasking- Magento does multitasking, and allows it to perform multiple tasks at the same time, which lets developers work on other important tasks simultaneously while monitoring the Magento website’s performance.

Flexible- When it comes to flexibility, developers love Magento because of its flexibility, as they can do almost anything according to the client’s needs. It offers a range of functionalities and features for businesses to improve user experience.

Magento search extensions can help you build a platform that can retain and engage your customers to a larger extent. Although the list is long, here in this post, we will showcase only a handful that are tried and tested with the best result outcome.

If you are ready to make a difference to your existing or upcoming website, this read is for you.

Magento Leads to Advanced Search

Magento Leads to Advanced Search

Search is something that cannot be compromised at any level, as it allows customers to look out for their desired items and other related ones to their needs. It is the best way to divert customers towards buying products and also a lot of other actions on the website. Besides some aspects related to improving the shopping experience, such as speeding up sites, providing a quick order process, or creating one-page checkout, the flexible search feature is also very important for Magento websites. It helps businesses quickly connect with their customers to meet their demand, improves user experiences, reduces bounce rate, builds higher conversions, users can better understand products, services, or content, gives valuable analytics data to assist businesses in understanding their customers, helps in boosting sales and increasing the average bill via cross-selling and upselling. Build an Online Store With Magento, so your business can improve store SEO for an easy, smooth experience. Additionally, site search functions are enhanced, such as promoted banners, suggestion products, filters and facets, drive content, and product discovery.

Magento Extensions to Engage Customers

Magento Extensions to Engage Customers

With Magento extensions, customers can engage with relevant items and content on the website and enable them to attain an unparalleled experience that keeps them coming back.

Native Magento Search- this tool is also known as Elasticsearch among the Magento community, and the reason behind it is that it can be used without any hassle involved.

Klevu- Calling it an intelligent Magento extension wouldn’t be wrong, as it analyses user behavior, learns, and adapts the search functionality. It is a cloud-hosted Ajax-based search tool with a number of features that are easy to use and manage. Its responsive design makes it super-convenient for the users to work with it.

Celebros Search & Merchandising- if you are looking for a customer-friendly, this is your extension. It allows customers to search with bad and broken searches, as it has intelligent concept-based and semantic algorithms. This extension works on customers’ queries, intent, and preferences and builds results accordingly.

Instant Search +- Are you looking for an advanced free search box extension? Then this is where your search ends. It enables the addition of a search box to the Magento sites but has a limitation to catering to the online stores of up to 500 different products on display. It supports CDN and having this extension can engage customers, right at the search bar by giving the most relevant product searches. Customers can select the products and are being directly taken onto the page on which the product is listed. With this extension, it is imperative to enhance the speed of Magento 3x times more.

Doofinder- This extension has multiple capabilities, and our list cannot go complete without mentioning it. It is the best on-site search Magento extension which can be integrated with any Magento website with minimal configuration. You can expect fast, accurate results based on your store’s contents, as it enables your customers to find what they are looking for regardless of the number of products on the Magento site. It also comes with its algorithm, which can be accessed for the best internal search engine, minimizing spelling and typo errors in the search process. Also, from the Doofinder statistics, it is easy to understand all the searches made by clients, helping to identify customers’ behavior by obtaining statistical information about the usage, results, and search trends.

What’s the Final Take?

Final Take

Hmmm, it is a very important question but with no definite answer, as the requirement is based on multiple factors, and your business requirements lead the race here. If you look at different options, then every extension has its own set of advantages and limitations. Although this is just a paid extensions list, there are many more to be explored further. Henceforth, you need to pick the right Magento tool depending on the project requirements. If you are puzzled about which is most suitable for your business needs, then getting in touch with CMARIX- Magento Development Company is the best solution.


For an eCommerce platform to scale higher, a scaled version of shopping should be considered, where customers can come and make the most out of their experience. The experience your customers get online decides their purchasing decisions; hence you need to customize it as per their preferences by a team of leading experts, none other than from CMARIX.

We would be more than happy to assist you in every bit of planning and supporting your business goals with a scalable eCommerce platform.

Reach out to our team to find out the best Magento solution for your business.

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