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How to Make a Dog Walking App Like Rover – A Details Guide in 2024

How to Make a Dog Walking App Like Rover – A Details Guide in 2024

Pets are members of the family. Like children, even they need babysitters when the pet parent is at work. As the number of pet owners rises, so does the need for on-demand dog-walking applications. In fact, according to Research and Markets research, 68% of American households own a pet, and this percentage is expected to rise.

The pet care apps market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5% from 2018 to 2030. Numerous pet care services now have more opportunities to expand their businesses as a result of the pet population growth. Among them, dog walkers are the ones who are most loving this circumstance. As a pioneer in on-demand dog-walking app development like Rover, we decided to assist business owners who are looking to tap into this field.

Rover has become a leader in the pet care app market when it comes to making sure their furry friends are happy and healthy. Through this app, pet owners can find a network of dependable and trustworthy dog walkers, pet sitters, and other services.

In this blog, you will learn about custom on-demand app development services to create apps like Rover, including features, prices, and more. Furthermore, we’ll examine the advantages of purchasing these pet care applications for businesses to sustain in the competitive market.

What is The Rover App?

The Rover-like dog app is one of the best mobile app ideas for startups. This is an online pet care marketplace and the best mobile app business plan. It links pet owners with reliable pet care providers, such as dog walkers, sitters, and boarders. The platform makes it easy for pet owners to search for, reserve, and oversee a range of pet care services.

Rover gives pet owners the ability to look up carers in their neighborhood and look through profiles to select the best fit for their pets. The platform offers details about the carers, such as their availability, past client testimonials, and experience. Before scheduling a service, pet owners can also speak with carers, ask questions, and go over any particular needs.

How to Create a Pet Care App Like Rover- 5 Easy Steps

Developing a Rover-like app needs 5 simple steps. These methods will help you comprehend the full app development process to construct pet walking software if you’re an entrepreneur looking for the simplest way to develop on-demand pet care app solutions. Check the below 5 steps to create apps like Rover to make money.

1. Business Planning

Do you have questions about how to launch a dog-walking business? The first step in launching an on-demand dog-walking SaaS app development is to formulate a business plan that aligns with your objectives, both present and future. You have two options: you can operate a dog walking service or you can be an entrepreneur looking to launch a pet care service aggregator. If you want to grow your company and increase your income, you might also choose to provide additional services like dog care, dog training, and pet grooming.

Make careful not to bite off more than you can chew, though. Prioritize your expertise and work your way cautiously into providing other pet care services.

2. Choose a Revenue Structure

The planning of your company’s monetization strategy comes next. You have a few options for making money with the on-demand dog-walking app.

For the Dog-Walking Company: Monetizing your agency is easy if you are its owner. The dog walking app development allows you to automate the whole procedure. The way you earn will essentially be the same. If you are looking for a good investment in your project, read our blog on how to get investors for an app.


  • Transaction Fee: You have the option to deduct a certain amount from each payment made by a customer using your app to book services.
  • Paid Promotions: To list dog walking services or independent pet walkers on your app, you can charge them a fee. You have the option to charge more to highlight their services at a certain position.
  • Paid Advertising: You may get paid by a lot of pet-related companies to run their advertising on the app.
  • Surge Charges: These are comparable to the surge prices of Uber. Due to high demand, dog and pet owners frequently are unable to find walkers for their pets in their neighborhood. With your dog walking applications, you can offer a dog walker to these dog owners at a greater cost. This increases your income as well as that of dog and pet walkers.

2. Market Analysis

To properly understand this phase, we will break it down into three sections.

Analyzing the Market Environment

Get a fundamental understanding of the market first. Before developing a mobile app for on-demand pet care, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is the intended audience for you?
  • What issues do they have to deal with? How are they to be solved?
  • What are the current trends in the pet care industry, and how can you make a difference?

Examine Competitors

You must ascertain the identities of your rivals. Which is the well-liked app for dog walks? What services are offered by their dog walking applications? What kinds of marketing channels do they employ, and what is their market share? The elements that they offer in their dog walking or dog sitting apps should then be visible to you.

It does not follow that you should emulate them. This is purely for comprehension and inspiration. You must forge your path to differentiate yourself from the crowd; you cannot simply follow in their footsteps. Consider how you can outperform them. Make sure you create the greatest dog walking app for walkers as well as dog and pet owners-an on-demand dog walking app or dog walker app.

Find Partners

A business that benefits both sides equally has a higher chance of succeeding. In addition to evaluating your rivals, you ought to identify companies that share similarities with yours but are not rivals. For example, veterinary hospitals, pet food companies or retailers, pet grooming salons, or educational facilities. You can collaborate with these businesses to grow your dog-walking app’s user base.

develop a dog walking app

3. List of Features

You will have a basic understanding of the characteristics that are crucial for creating the greatest dog walking app similar to Uber for dog walkers after contrasting and comparing the competition. Make a list of every feature you would like to see in your on-demand dog-walking application. The next subtopic will include the significant and suggested characteristics.

4. Hire App Developers

Hire mobile app developers for your project. This is the last stage in creating an app for on-demand dog walkers or pet sitters. Developers are available for hire on several websites, including Upwork, AppFutura, Clutch, and others. The database on these websites has hundreds of thousands of app developers.

Essential Features of a Rover-Style App

The development of pet care apps relies on feature sets that enable reliable and easy service booking. In particular, Rover has gone above and above to ensure that pet owners and service providers alike benefit from the pet care process. From its carefully chosen services to its service guarantee, the Rover mobile app has raised the bar extremely high for the pet sector.

Essential Features for Pets Owners

Essential Features for Pets Owners

We must take into account the needs of pet owners to comprehend the “must-have” aspects of an app like Rover. A list of crucial components for pet owners is provided below.

1. Simple Registration

Creating a simple sign-up and login option is the first step in developing an app like Rover. You can simplify the app entry procedure for pet owners by integrating it with social media and email easily.

2. My Profile

You can add and edit contact details, addresses, pet information, and other information in this portion of the application.

3. Locate Assistance

A clever search and filter feature for pet owners should be available while looking for services. You can use comparable services, such as dog walking, boarding, house sitting, creche, drop-in visits, and virtual dog training, to develop an app that is similar to Rover.

4. Service Provider Details

The part where you can check service providers’ details, including their bio, cost range, years of experience, and reviews, is the next essential element that any dog walker app like Rover should have.

5. Schedule a Service

One of the most desired additions to the Rover-like on-demand app is this capability. Owners of pets can use this module to schedule the necessary services. The software helps owners and service providers communicate in advance to determine whether they wish to accept the reservation.

6. Online Payments

Making online payments is another essential component of Rover, much like pet care app development. Generally, the decision on which payment method to maintain is made after carefully examining which channel your clients would prefer.

7. In-app Communication

The next step in creating a dog-walking app similar to Rover is to incorporate an in-app chat or call feature so that owners can communicate with service providers online with ease.

8. Reviews and Ratings

Other pet owners may utilize the rating and review system in the final section of the MVP level Rover mobile app to help them decide which service provider to hire.

Essential Features for Pet Sitters and Walkers

The pet owners’ versions share several functionalities, such as signing up, communicating within the app, and managing profiles. Nonetheless, there are a few characteristics that are specific to pet sitters and walkers.

1. Dashboard

The pet care app development’s sitter/walker edition includes a dashboard with information on all of the previous and upcoming reservations, total revenue received, ratings and reviews, and more.

2. Manage Reservations

The Rover Walker app and other services are provided by people seeking a side gig, so they are not obligated to work during the hours that pet owners choose.

3. Verify the Pet’s Profile

The profile of the pet owner should be viewable by the pet walkers and sitters, providing information on the pet’s habits and any special needs that may exist.

4. Managing Payments

Developing an infrastructure that allows service providers to accept payments, view their total revenue to date, and understand the amount still owed is the next step in developing an app similar to Rover.

The cost of developing an app like Rover depends not only on the modules for pet owners and service providers but also on the admin version of the program.

Essential Features for the App Manager

Essential Features for the App Manager

It’s important to take the App Admin’s needs into account to understand the fundamental components of a Rover-like app. This is an enumeration of essential features.

1. Manage Customers

The app should be able to handle user profiles and provide semi-real-time customer support for any questions users may have.

2. Monitor Pet Walkers and Sitters

This is a feature of the Rover-like software that makes it simple for the admin to handle service providers’ queries and profiles.

3. Manage Discounts

Offers and promotional materials should be included in your version of the Rover-like application, and they should be updated and removed on a timely basis.

4. Customer Service

The customer support team or app administrator can respond to questions and issues from users instantly using this functionality.

5. Technical Assistance

There may be times when the application has technical problems, in which case the administrator would need to visit the front end or back end. Having a scope for rectification from within the app can be useful.

These are the MVP-level features of the Rover app, but it has many more features that enhance it and make it the top option for pet owners. Before we discuss other aspects of the expense of developing an app similar to Rover, let’s take a closer look at those cutting-edge capabilities for pet care apps.

What is the Pet Care App Development Cost?

Comprehending the project specifications and judiciously utilizing a range of functions and features not only amplifies the application’s efficacy but also guarantees a solution focused on outcomes.

The app development cost range, which normally ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 USD, is a good indicator of the value the app delivers to the project. Some of the important aspects that affect this cost range are complex features and functionality, a team of professionals, regulatory compliance, promotions, and maintenance.

Achieving the intended results also heavily depends on the development team and stakeholders working together and communicating effectively. Iterative testing, regular updates, and feedback meetings help to improve the app’s functionality and match it with changing project requirements.

Conclusion- Build a Dog Walking App Development with CMARIX

At CMARIX, we’re proud to be a top on-demand mobile app development company with a group of highly skilled IT professionals committed to developing business models instantly.

We are a team of skilled on-demand tech experts committed to creating cutting-edge business solutions. We have a long history of working with startups and large companies, and we are experts in creating apps that operate smoothly and provide real-time services.

Our unique selling point in the on-demand industry is our capacity to convert consumer insights and market research into well-thought-out, well-executed apps. We understand a project’s requirements from all angles and lead the way in innovation to provide results that go above and beyond.

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