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18 Best Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2024

18 Best Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2024

We are always born to think, innovate and grow. Creating the latest business mobile application usually means putting the ideas into action. Let us just say that the very innovative application development idea is never an easy task. Are you searching for a Mobile App Development Company in San Francisco like CMARIX?

In case you are planning to develop a business mobile application in the year 2024 then this particular article is definitely meant for you. you can always discover and choose which mobile application category fits best to the vision.

An idea from someone is what technology exactly is. Now, the ideas are constantly born out of need. The world might be awash with problems and needs. This is present in the very mobility that is dominating the world. An ideal solution is the trending mobile app idea that can always fulfil this extraordinary demand. In this article, we discuss the seventeen different mobile application ideas that are totally going to outperform others in 2024 and beyond. Get mobile app ideas.

How apps are going to utilize 5G will be answered. How the advanced computing capabilities can drive the growth of mobile applications in the future will also be answered. Let us just state upfront that mobile application development in 2024 is going to be much bigger and faster. There is surely a lot of criticization. There is the pandemic period that has devastated us. This is absolutely the required fuel to the ever-increasing trust in smartphones over the last two years.

The top gainers in the corona period were the EdTech and the on-demand industries. All of them have surely brought new mobile app ideas into life. All of them were quite successful in completely changing the attitude of the societies towards all mobile applications in general.

18 Best Mobile App Ideas for Start-Ups In 2024

1. Mobile Payments App – Customized Mobile Applications for the Restaurants and the Retail Businesses

Mobile Payments App

Mobile devices or smartphones have always had an impact. The impact was of being a great innovation of technology. They all tend to deliver more when it comes to CMARIX. Get mobile app ideas that are innovative. The technical pioneers invest in payment through great mobile ideas. It is greatly revolutionizing the way in which the stuff has been working till now.

2. Delivery Application for Mobile – Food Delivery, Grocery, and Medicine Delivery App

Delivery Application for Mobile

What has seen significant growth due to the pandemic is the on-demand delivery market. Covid 19 has literally propelled the industry a few years into the future. The on-demand apps have totally enjoyed a very different kind of rise. This is because millions of people in the lockdown ordered food online for the very first time.

3. Video Editing and Sharing App

Video Editing and Sharing App

One of the excellent mediums to convey and communicate with people are videos. The millennials are actually making money out of their greatly edited videos. Compromising on the editing features is a complete no-no. This is according to an app developer in this category particularly.

4. Travel Planning and Hotel Booking App + Flight Booking + 360* VR Travelling Experience

Travel Planning and Hotel Booking App

Staying at home was important but quite an exhausting experience. Indeed, we all want to go out now. However, planning a trip on our own is quite difficult. It is rather a complex job. The flight reservations and the hotel bookings are only the beginning.

Of course, there is a travel planning application idea that can plan vacations and also take the stress out of things. All of this is without any bustle while ensuring safety is something that we all are desperate for. Get trending app ideas from CMARIX.

5. Insurance App – bike, car, Health, and Life Insurance and Renewal

Insurance App

A bold step for a start-up could definitely be going mobile in insurance. The world is now moving on towards driverless cars as well as digital doctors. Everybody invests in health and happiness with an insurance application.

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6. Parking App

Parking App

The availability of parking spaces is becoming very scarce with the increasing traffic and the number of cars. There is a fight for vacant spots, my dear. The people who go out literally waste lots of hours looking for empty spaces. A mobile app for car parking is actually one of the best solutions in this case.

7. Dating App or Matchmaking App

Dating App or Matchmaking App

Exactly what is it like finding your better half online with a dating mobile? However, it is highly noteworthy that thirty nine percent of people find their special someone through dating apps.

8. Music Store and Podcast Creating App

Music Store and Podcast Creating App

Music can be a really dreamy method of beginning your business. People love listening to music so why not? An app that can offer a soulful listening experience should be at the top of the chart. Moreover, the podcasts are also engaging and episodic series.

9. OTT App or Over the top Entertainment Mobile Applications


We can now see that the OTT platforms have become a larger portion of our lives than they were ever before. Over the last few years, the OTT media service platforms have become much more popular than ever before. Get the best mobile app ideas for startup from CMARIX.

10. Health and Fitness Monitoring as well as a Learning app

Health and Fitness Monitoring as well as a Learning app

The mobile application is becoming smart indeed. Health and fitness are supposedly the most concerning topic of all. This was the concerned topic in corona time. The health and fitness monitoring and learning app has made it to the top of the list even before the climate changes or the shortage of water.

11. Exam and Online Studying and Online Classes App

Exam and Online Studying and Online Classes App

The covid 19 pandemic is becoming a great time to utilize the online studies. This is to aid in the patient triage and also the assessments. The students can now utilize an AI-powered EdTech mobile application.

12. E-book Reader Application

E-book Reader Application

All the necessary boxes can be checked to get your e-book reader app amongst the top leaders in the industry. eBook reader apps are Bookmate, Amazon Kindle, Scribd, eBook, FBReader, etc. However, finding the niche and the target audience is highly important before a successful eBook Reader application. Get best mobile app ideas to make money from CMARIX. For the mobile book libraries, you can create the same for the kindergarten children, non-fiction and educational spheres.

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13. Charity and Donation App

One of the top apps on the list should be this. With a growing application and population, the food and the resources should not be wasted at all any longer. Leftover food is often thrown away by the people. Even the normal meals are thrown away.

14. Job Search App

Job Search App

There is the covid 19 pandemic wave which has destroyed various businesses. The wave of pandemic has left people jobless. There is an app which offers working flexibilities to a large number of people. The people are all around the world and this will be a great idea.

15. The Betting App

Betting App

No longer a non-regulated body with everything being legal and licensed is the online gaming market in India. The market is very truly being loved and cherished by the users. There are the huge companies that are looking to enrich the love of the betting experience of players. We can all offer mobile applications for gambling as well as betting on our favourite sport.

For the start-ups, we are offering the best features indeed. We are also looking to invest in mobile betting and the gambling app. To benefit from the current web development trends, it is the best time for you. You can also test the top betting apps. Get simple app ideas that made millions from CMARIX.

16. Consultation App with the Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer and Designers

Consultation App with the Doctor

Going to the hospital has its own risks of course. People are also not leaving homes. Therefore, meetings are rarely happening. We choose to stay at home even for emergencies. Top Healthcare apps are hence becoming a crucial tool for the doctors and the patients.

More and more applications are required that can offer low-cost consultation services with the professionals within an application. This is because it is far more convenient and safer to consult at home. developers have begun offering such features in various apps. The features could be online consultations or even offline appointment bookings. Of course, none of the above seems to be a bad idea.

17. Finance, Tax, Bill, and Invoice Management App

Finance, Tax, Bill, and Invoice Management App

There is the primary role of a tax consultant mobile application or a tax adviser mobile application to help businesses with taxes and finances. Nowadays businesses can even plan or manage their investment portfolio. You can make the right financial decisions and stay worry-free. Ensure complete peace of mind. The top features are managing taxes, filing returns, and setting up one-time invoice payments.

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18. Share Market Learning and also Investing App

Share Market Learning and also Investing App

You can run a stock trading business or even invest in stocks. Thus, you are required to be up to date with every minute change in the marketplace. There are market uncertainties. The monitoring of the rise and the fall of the stocks daily can be highly beneficial. They can be hourly at times for the investors as well if needed.

There is the really high-speed internet and also the very efficient hire mobile app developers which have made life for the traders simpler, faster, and efficient. The trading applications help traders to stay informed all the time. Many things are now possible to do from mobile applications for stock investments and trading. It also involves checking the stock prices in real-time. Moreover, a virtual profile can be created. Stock charts can be drawn. You can follow the market trends and even track your portfolio.

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A business might be a start-up, an enterprise, or a pretty established market player. A mobile application is always necessary of late. You need to have an understanding of the value and the benefit of mobile applications for any business really after going through all of the above start-up ideas. It is actually never too late if you have to plan to develop a mobile application for your business.

To keep ahead of the competition now is the time to plan. You need to bring your unique mobile application idea. Get web app ideas that haven’t been made in 2024. You can partner the mobile app development project with the absolutely highly reputed development team of mobile application development services. At CMARIX, mobile app development services are effectively provided either as a standalone development or as a complete portion of an existing web application.

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