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Why Qlutch Solving Worldwide Recruitment Challenges

  • Limited Reach

    Traditional job portals often fail to reach a diverse set of candidates, especially those who are not actively looking for jobs.

  • Inefficient Screening

    The absence of referrals means that employers have to go through a lengthy and often ineffective screening process.

  • Lack of Personalization

    Most job portals do not offer a personalized experience, making it hard for candidates to find roles that truly match their skills and aspirations.

  • High Recruitment Costs

    Companies worldwide spend a significant amount on recruitment, which could be reduced with a more efficient referral system.

  • Cultural Fit

    Without referrals, it's challenging to assess if a candidate will fit into the company's culture, a problem that is magnified on a global scale.

  • Time-Consuming

    The traditional recruitment process can be long and tedious, affecting companies' ability to fill roles quickly.

  • Geographical Barriers

    Traditional job portals often focus on local or national markets, missing out on global talent.

  • Data Privacy Concerns

    In the absence of a trusted referral system, candidates are often hesitant to share personal information on job portals.

Strategic DevelopmentHow CMARIX Engineered Qlutch's Success


Initial Consultation

CMARIX began with a detailed consultation process to understand Qlutch's unique needs, focusing on the challenges in the global job market and the gaps in traditional job portals.


Strategic Planning

Based on the consultation, a strategic plan was developed to address the challenges. This included choosing the right technology stack and outlining the development phases.


User-Centric Design

CMARIX employed a user-centric design approach, ensuring the app's interface would be intuitive and engaging, much like a dating app, to make the job search process more efficient.


Backend Development

A robust backend was developed using .Net Core, ensuring scalability and security. This was a crucial part of the project as it had to handle a diverse range of user data securely.


Mobile App Development

Utilizing Flutter, CMARIX developed a cross-platform mobile app that provided a seamless user experience across both Android and iOS platforms.


API Integration

RESTful APIs were integrated to ensure smooth data flow between the mobile app and the backend, enhancing the app's performance.


Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the app met all functional requirements and was free of bugs. Given that CMARIX does not do Automation Testing, manual testing methodologies were employed.


Deployment & Maintenance

After successful testing, the app was deployed. CMARIX also provided ongoing maintenance to ensure the app's optimal performance.


Client Feedback Loop

Throughout the development process, CMARIX maintained a constant feedback loop with Qlutch, making real-time adjustments to meet the project's evolving needs.

Technical Mastery CMARIX's Role in Qlutch's Flutter App Development

Flutter Mobile App Development

1. Swipe-Based Interface

Leveraged Flutter's rich UI capabilities to create a Tinder-like swipe interface for job matching.

2. Real-Time Notifications

Integrated Firebase Cloud Messaging for real-time notifications to keep users engaged.

3. Multi-Platform Support

Utilized Flutter's cross-platform capabilities to ensure a consistent user experience on both Android and iOS.

MySQL Database

1. Database Schema

Designed a normalized MySQL database schema to efficiently store user profiles, job listings, and referral data.

2. Data Encryption

Employed MySQL's built-in encryption features to securely store sensitive user information.

3. Query Optimization

Utilized indexing and query optimization techniques to ensure fast data retrieval.

Laravel Backend Development

1. RESTful API Design

Developed a RESTful API using Laravel to handle data transactions between the mobile app and the server.

2. Authentication & Authorization

Implemented JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for secure user authentication and role-based access control.

3. Data Caching

Utilized Laravel's caching features to improve the app's performance and reduce server load.

Consultation & Approaches

1. Technical Consultation

Conducted in-depth technical consultations to finalize the technology stack and architecture.

2. Agile Methodology

Adopted an Agile approach for iterative development and timely delivery, aligning with your role as an Agile Project Manager.

3. Client Feedback Loop

Maintained a continuous feedback mechanism to adapt to changing requirements and ensure project success.

Architectural Excellence The Backbone of Qlutch's Success with CMARIX

Core Architecture Design

01 Frontend - Flutter Mobile App

MVC Architecture

Utilized the Model-View-Controller (MVC)pattern to separate the app's concerns, making it easier to manage and scale.

State Management

Employed the Provider package for efficient state management, ensuring a responsive and dynamic user interface.

02 Backend - Laravel

Microservices Architecture

Adopted a microservices approach to break down the backend into smaller, manageable services, each responsible for specific functionalities like user management, job listings, and referrals.

API Gateway

Implemented an API Gateway to handle requests and route them to the appropriate microservices, thereby decoupling the frontend and backend.

03 Database - MySQL

Relational Schema

Designed a relational database schema with tables for users, jobs, and referrals, linked through foreign keys to ensure data integrity.

Database Sharding

Implemented sharding techniques to distribute data across multiple servers, enhancing performance and scalability.

Core Technical Features and Functionalities

01 Flutter Mobile App

Asynchronous Operations

Utilized Flutter's Future and Stream for handling asynchronous operations, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Custom Widgets

Developed custom widgets to implement the swipe-based interface, leveraging Flutter's rich UI capabilities.

02 Laravel Backend

Eloquent ORM

Utilized Laravel's Eloquent ORM for efficient database operations, making it easier to retrieve and manipulate data.

Stored Procedures

Used stored procedures for complex queries, encapsulating the logic within the database to improve performance.

03 MySQL Database

ACID Transactions

Ensured ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) properties for database transactions, guaranteeing data reliability.

Stored Procedures

Used stored procedures for complex queries, encapsulating the logic within the database to improve performance.

04 Security Measures

ACID Transactions

Employed end-to-end encryption techniques to secure sensitive user data.

Stored Procedures

Used stored procedures for complex queries, encapsulating the logic within the database to improve performance.

CMARIX's Technical Brilliance in Qlutch's Feature Development


For End Customers (i.e.Job Seekers and Referrers)

  • User Onboarding

    A simplified onboarding process that captures essential details like skills, interests, and job preferences.

    Technical Aspect

    Utilized Flutter's form validation and state management for a seamless onboarding experience.

  • Swipe-Based Matching

    Allows users to swipe right or left to show interest or pass on a job or candidate.

    Technical Aspect

    Utilized Flutter's form validation and state management for a seamless onboarding experience.

  • Real-Time Chat

    Enables matched users to initiate a chat and discuss opportunities.

    Technical Aspect

    Integrated WebSocket for real-time chat functionality in Laravel backend.

  • Notification System

    Keeps users updated about new matches, messages, and job postings.

    Technical Aspect

    Firebase Cloud Messaging integrated for real-time notifications.

For Super Admin

  • User Management

    Allows the admin to manage user accounts, including activation, deactivation, and role assignment.

    Technical Aspect

    Laravel's built-in authentication and authorization features were customized for this.

  • Job Listing Management

    Enables the admin to add, edit, or remove job listings.

    Technical Aspect

    CRUD operations were implemented using Laravel's Eloquent ORM and MySQL database.

  • Analytics Dashboard

    Provides insights into user engagement, job matches, and other key metrics.

    Technical Aspect

    Utilized Laravel's built-in support for data aggregation and visualization libraries.

  • System Monitoring

    Allows the admin to monitor system health, performance, and security.

    Technical Aspect

    Integrated Laravel's logging and error-handling features for robust system monitoring.


Backend BrillianceHow CMARIX Engineered Qlutch's Core Systems

Data Management

User Data Storage

Securely stores all user data, including profiles, job listings, and chat histories.

Technical Aspect

Utilized Laravel's Eloquent ORM for efficient data storage and retrieval in MySQL.

API Endpoints


Provides a set of APIs for frontend-backend communication, including user authentication, job listings, and chat functionalities.

Technical Aspect

Developed RESTful APIs using Laravel, ensuring scalability and security.


Authentication & Authorization

Ensures that only authorized users can access certain functionalities.

Technical Aspect

Implemented JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for secure user authentication.

API Endpoints

Data Encryption

Encrypts sensitive user data before storing it in the database.

Technical Aspect

Utilized Laravel's built-in encryption features.

Performance Optimization


Improves the system's performance by caching frequently accessed data.

Technical Aspect

Leveraged Laravel's caching features to reduce database queries.

Load Balancing

Distributes incoming network traffic across multiple servers to ensure high availability and reliability.

Technical Aspect

Implemented load balancing techniques in Laravel to handle high traffic.

Monitoring & Logs

System Monitoring

Allows real-time monitoring of system health and performance.

Technical Aspect

Integrated Laravel's logging and monitoring features.

Error Handling

Captures and logs errors, providing insights for debugging and improvement.

Technical Aspect

Utilized Laravel's built-in error handling mechanisms.

Visual Design

Features Style Guide

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Tech Specs

  • tech-specs


    Used for cross-platform mobile app development, providing a consistent experience on both Android and iOS.

  • tech-specs


    Chosen for backend development due to its robust features like Eloquent ORM, middleware, and built-in security measures.

  • tech-specs


    Utilized for its reliability and efficiency in handling large sets of data, along with its ACID compliance.

  • tech-specs


    For real-time chat functionalities between job seekers and referrers.

  • tech-specs

    Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

    Used for sending real-time notifications to users.

  • tech-specs-desktop

3rd Party APIs

Google Maps API

For location-based job listings and user matching.

LinkedIn API

To allow users to import their LinkedIn profiles, making the onboarding process easier.

Stripe API

For any potential in-app purchases or subscription-based features.

SendGrid API

For sending automated emails for account verification, password reset, and notifications.

Twilio API

For SMS-based notifications or two-factor authentication.


For storing user-uploaded files like resumes and profile pictures.

OAuth 2.0

For secure third-party integrations and social media logins.

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