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Custom Backend Development services are most important for any web or mobile application development. Hire Dedicated Backend Developers from CMARIX with a team of trained Backend developers, you will get the robust, scalable, and secure backend solutions to dynamically manage your web and mobile applications.

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We at CMARIX research well to understand the market demands, organization needs and have developed over 1500+ excellent backend solutions. Hire Backend Programmers with experience in a range of back-end development services in different technologies that interact with databases like MySQL, MS-SQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, DB2, SAP HANA, AWS Dynamodb and PostgreSQL, and more.


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As one of India's leading Backend Development Service providers, CMARIX focuses on delivering projects on time and with utmost precision. Our developers work sharply to provide the product of your vision. We provide enterprise grade backend development services with custom modules, advanced analytics, dynamic reporting, extensive customization, and business intelligence.

Always in high demand, Back-end developers help Startups and decades-old organizations digitize their products with back-end technologies. To improve your business functions and build a competitive solution, you need to Hire dedicated Backend Developers who help you create advanced software management functionality for your product.

Our developers have proven experience of building custom backend in different technologies like PHP frameworks, Microsoft technologies, NodeJS, etc. We ensure custom API implementation with a database that reflects corresponding information flow in the backend and frontend of the application. CMARIX team of Backend developers also have outstanding, hands-on experience in using the technologies that furnish you with flexible and secure backend layers for your app solution. We focus on mobile and web solutions in a fast-space technology-driven world and update ourselves to implement cloud-based scalable back-end solutions.

Quality code is the key to achieve a high-performance and data-driven system; for the same, we have delivered error-free and dynamic web and app development for our clients. Hire dedicated Backend Developers to develop a solution with a seamless experience.


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Why Hire Developers?

Why Hire Backend Developers from CMARIX?

Multiple Offers Single Place

When you choose to hire backend developers from CMARIX, you acquire multiple benefits. Our expert backend team has delivered projects for various industries using cutting-edge technologies, creating databases, data and application program interfaces (APIs), and more.

Offline Data Sync

Our equipped team of developers focuses on creating apps that sync offline and continue to function online and offline. In addition, we facilitate authorizing 24/7 data discovery, alteration, error-solving, and enhanced performance through local data caching.

Boosted Performance

With the approach of accessibility, we follow research and planning, ensuring app performance by load testing. For example, our developers know how the server manages its response time by paralyzed method and makes sure the app consumes the most CPU time.

Improving User Experience

Enhancing the frontend functionalities isn't enough to create a dynamic and scalable solution. With Backend technologies offering a robust and error-free code, we help you get formatted code that matches the standards of programming languages that run on different environments.

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Hire Dedicated Backend Developers for Seamless Project Success

Empower Your Project with Seasoned Back End Engineers

Get the realm of unparalleled backend development expertise with CMARIX! As a global leader in software development services, we specialize in developing the robust foundation of your web and mobile applications with meticulous care and dedication.

By opting to hire dedicated backend developers from CMARIX, you're aligning with an exceptional team of industry professionals. This collaboration not only expedites project timelines but also effectively streamlines operational costs.

Enhance your backend development experience, guaranteeing a successful blend of top-notch quality, cost-effectiveness, and speed. Our expert backend developers for hire are poised to revolutionize your app's data-handling capabilities, providing you with an avant-garde, future-proof product.

Immerse your project in the expertise of our back end engineers, who possess an innate understanding of crafting robust and secure solutions. CMARIX stands as a paramount backend development company, offering enterprise architectural execution and high-performance application assurance.

Our dynamic backend engineers are well-versed in the intricacies of scalable backend technologies. With an extensive toolkit encompassing languages such as Laravel, ASP.NET, Nodejs, Golang, Django, Expressjs, and more, our 228+ strong development team is your ultimate salvation from the trials of backend web development.

Unlock unparalleled potential by partnering with CMARIX's devoted backend developers. Our commitment to excellence ensures a resilient digital framework for your applications, setting the stage for seamless functionality and top-tier security. Experience a transformative journey where innovation meets precision, and your project's success knows no bounds.

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Some of FAQs

  • Dedicated backend developers are extremely necessary for the following:

    • Every software whether web or mobile app has a backend.
    • Optimum backend development is vital for security
    • Performance of your product is highly dependent on backend architecture
    • Optimum quality quality is mandatory
    • When you hire dedicated developer, he/she is exclusively working for you
    • Direct communication, Daily reporting, Daily Code release
  • Backend developers vary in cost depending on the region, their experience and expertise, skillset as well as technological expertise. At CMARIX, we make sure to provide the highest quality developers at the most competitive prices to ensure customer satisfaction. Get your customized quote today.

  • At CMARIX, back-end development is a major department where the developers are experts in Node.js, PHP, ASP.NET, .NET core, Serverless Architecture including AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions and more. We hire from the top 1% of the IT industry to make sure we serve the highest quality projects to our clientele.

  • You do not need to look anywhere but CMARIX - an award-winning software, web, and mobile development agency specializing in back-end web development. Our in-house team consists of more than 60 back-end developers with expertise in various languages such as Node, C#, PHP, Python, and more.

  • We at CMARIX prioritize the security and privacy of our clients. We make sure all of our clients have a signed NDA prior to providing us with any sensitive information. Along with this, we hand over the source code as well as the IP rights to the product to its rightful owners as part of our final delivery.

  • At CMARIX, your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not satisfied with our backend developers, we take immediate action to address your feedback. Here's how we ensure your happiness:

    • Effective Communication: We maintain open lines of communication, actively listening to your feedback and addressing any issues promptly.
    • Developer Replacement: If needed, we swiftly assign new, highly skilled backend developers who are better suited to meet your project requirements.
    • Ongoing Evaluation: We regularly assess developer performance to ensure they meet our high standards and take corrective measures when necessary.
    • Dedicated Support: Our project managers and support team are available to provide timely assistance, ensuring a smooth development journey.

    Your satisfaction is our commitment. If you face any challenges, we are here to proactively resolve them and ensure the success of your project.

  • There are multiple things to look for in backend developers, including:

    • Solid grasp of specialize programming language like PHP, C#, Java, Python etc depending on your preferred technology stack.
    • Expertise in Web Frameworks based on the selected programming language. For example, Laravel, Yii are among top used PHP frameworks
    • Database knowledge in MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
    • API Development
    • Version controlling and Deployment skillset
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Proactive approach to testing their own work
  • We assign a SCRUM Master / Project manager and follow Agile methodologies to keep you up to date with the project. You can choose to communicate daily or weekly depending on your requirements via Project management channels such as Slack, JIRA, or Asana.

  • We offer 3 types of hiring models:

    • Time and Material - Hourly hire model where you pay for only the number of hours consumed.
    • Fixed price - Project base model where the requirements of the client would be understood and based on that a timeline and cost would be estimated.
    • Dedicated monthly hire - A full-time monthly hire cycle with 180 hrs dedicated to working with your organization.

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