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Xamarin Mobile App Development Services

Xamarin is cross platform app development platform equipped with a feature rich language C# with Lambda Expressions and rich APIs of .NET framework. Xamarin has some unique advantage over other cross platforms. For example, Xamarin Studio (IDE) enables code completion in C#. Xamarin benefits you with native UI controls, access to a few device specific features, and significantly native performance. It also leverages on code sharing across platforms, thereby reducing development cycle.

At CMARIX, you can hire Xamarin App developer to provide cross platform mobility solutions for your business needs.

Xamarin Application Development Services

  • Xamarin Cross Platform Mobile Application Development
  • Xamarin iOS Application Development
  • Xamarin Android Application Development
  • Xamarin Windows Application Development
  • Xamarin Integration Services
  • Enterprise Cross Platform Applications
  • Xamarin Business Applications
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Xamarin Maintenance and Support Services
  • Hire Xamarin Developers

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Benefits of Xamarin

  • Native Performance
  • Native API Access
  • Multiple OS SDK integrations
  • Seamless Cloud Integration
  • Full Platform Functionality
  • Native User Experience
  • Automatic Testing
  • Compatible with MVC and MVVM patterns