Disruptive Virtual Reality Product Development

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Virtual Reality Product Development

By 2020, the virtual reality market will be worth 15 times what it was in 2016. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), total revenues in the virtual reality market are predicted to reach over 162 billion USD by 2020. Virtual reality elevates people completely from real environment and puts them in a whole new ‘digital’ environment through technology. This technology, recreates an environment in such manner that one can feel like it’s their actual reality.

A premium virtual reality service provider CMARIX has been ahead of time in terms of exploring and implementing Virtual Reality based content as well as mobile applications. VR is changing virtually every aspect of our life. We create the story behind the experience, produce it, and provides the necessary gear to experience virtual reality.

Our Services for Virtual Reality industry

  • Virtual Reality Content Development
  • Virtual Reality based Mobile Apps
  • Interactive Virtual Tours
  • Telepresence
  • Video Mapping
  • 3D VR Showroom
  • Virtual Reality Game App Development
  • 3D Content Development
  • Oculus App Development
  • Virtual Reality AEC Applications
  • Virtual Reality for Business Applications
  • 360 Degree Virtual Tour Services
  • Automobile App Development
  • Educational App Development