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Node.js is a server-side JavaScript run-time environment. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight and efficient. It has an asynchronous architecture which is under MIT license. It is compatible with OS X, Windows and UNIX servers to create scalable data exchanges to handle the acceptance of the big data revolution. Node.js has built-in support for package management system with npm being the largest Node.js package ecosystem of open-source libraries in the world.

Node.js is promising platform for real time applications development. At CMARIX, our Nodejs developers specialize in catering custom, scalable, lightweight and high-performance Node.js application development services.

Node.js Development Services

  • Enterprise Backend Development
  • Big Data/ Analytics Services
  • Intelligent Bots and ChatRooms
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Monitoring Dashboards
  • Node.js Customization
  • Node.js Integration Solution
  • Custom Collaborative Tools
  • MEAN Stack Development
  • Hire Node.js Developers

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Benefits of Node.js

  • Event driven I/O Model
  • Simultaneous Request Handling
  • Active Community
  • Fast Data Streaming
  • Automatic Synchronization of Data
  • Module Caching Support
  • REST API Support
  • Dynamic NPM