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Technology in Taxi Business

Technology in Taxi Business

In mid nineteenth century stallion drawn carriages were used in New York as primary taxi cabs. The Electric Carriage and Wagon Company were, accountable for bringing these taxis into the city to fight particularly with steed drawn carriages. With little more advancement they were utilizing taxi radio system for which they needed to purchase radio recurrence like other television administrations. System continued updating with passage of time. Yet until recently the entire process of searching the taxi was manual. Passenger need to either call the taxi company and give them the exact address of pick up manually, whereby the taxi would come and receive them or just wait for a taxi to pass-by on the road.

Technology has tremendous power to transform businesses. With technology, automation is made simple. Now all you need to get a taxi from anywhere is a Mobile App. For example, Uber which is a 4 year old company is having revenue of $500m per year just from San Francisco as compared to unorganized taxi business in SFO which is around $140m per year. This is a phenomenal growth of 3 times the local market. In London this growth is almost 6 times. This showcases how technology has played a catalyst in transforming the taxi business.

Technology in Taxi Business


Custom Android applications are used in several taxis in United Kingdom. Such applications are being utilized to showcase the advertisements from the local business. These apps are Geofencing enabled which means based on the location the app showcases the advertisement of nearby business. Application owner can take fees from local business and upload the advertisement banner from the web based admin panel which reflects in the application. This app is integrated with the entertainment system in the Taxi so the passenger gets the advertisement in between the music videos which he can choose from the inbuilt library.

Ease of Payment

With more technology penetration in everyday life using Cash in everyday life as mode of payment is reducing day by day globally. Many taxi owners are accepting cards as mode of payment mechanism. However Mobility is adding immense value here as well. Concepts like Apple Pay are changing the way payment is being processes in retail stores. Android Marshmallow comes with support for fingerprint security which means a bright future for Android mobile to be used as a mode of payment. Don’t be amazed to find more and more people using their mobile & fingerprint tap to make payment at most places in coming days.

Taxi App Development Solution

Big Data

We are living in information era. Data is raw intelligence which once processed provides immense intelligence. Analysts are predicting sophisticated big data implementation in logistic business including taxis. For example companies like Hailo are exploring possibilities whereby they can integrate your social media channel and crunch information from it about your likes and dislikes which results into the content which you receive on the screen when you sit in their taxi.

Based on your travel pattern in terms of destination, day and time, it might be even able to suggest you of recent or most frequent destinations where you might be traveling to. You might be presented with personalized offers based on your purchase preferences by nearby businesses. Integration of different concepts and their correlation based on YOU is made possible using latest technology & Big Data.

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Custom Product Implementation

Small businesses are actively moving towards having a custom product made implementation whereby they can track real time their fleet of taxis and communicate with the drivers using corresponding mobile app. Based on the client’s request they can easily track the business their taxis are doing. Using crowd sourcing APIs like Waze they can get real time updates of the most effective travel routes and plan the journey for drivers accordingly.

For passengers technology brings a lot of comfort, convenience, security, cost effectiveness, luxury and options to travel in better and smarter way. It is time for you to think how technology can add value for your business and choose right outsourcing partner to bring idea to reality.

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Written by Atman Rathod

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