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How to Choose A Technology Outsourcing Partner?

How to Choose A Technology Outsourcing Partner?

Businesses across the globe have been benefiting from technology outsourcing. At the same time, it has been a challenge for people who haven’t done this before. How to choose the right partner for technology requirement? This is the main question which people come across.

As mentioned by Nellie Akalpa, building the right relationship with your outsourcing partner is very important for the success of your business. Answer to the same can be provided into fundamental qualities which every individual and company should look forward in their outsourcing partner:

Working Time zone: It is always beneficial to have your outsourcing partner working in your time zone. This will make the product much faster and in real time as compared to the overlapping gap which can delay the project timeline and lower the momentum.

Technical Strength: Whether you are looking to have a corporate website developed, an enterprise custom software or a mobile application it is very important to work with someone who has a proven track record in this industry.

Business Knowledge: Understanding the overall solution and looking at the bigger picture is very important. At the end of the day, every software adds value to a business.

Pro-activeness: This is one of the most important qualities you should look in any outsourcing company. Ability to see problems ahead of time and resolve them before they actually happen. With a pro-active approach, creative ideas and innovative products can be developed with very good quality.

Testing Process: One of the major challenges of outsourcing is the quality control which is being compromised by several players. Ensuring unit testing, performance testing, code review, automated testing is implemented for flawless result.

Flexibility: Every business has different needs. Every project is different. Your ideal outsourcing partner should be completely relationship oriented and flexible in terms of providing the solution via different technologies as well as business models.

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Secure: It is very important to ensure all the correspondence is completely confidential. Best practices like signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)should be implemented. Moreover, one needs to take care that they have signed IP documentation with the company ensuring the ownership of intellectual property rights.

One Stop Shop: It is always recommended to choose a partner which provides multiple software services in terms of design, development, testing & deployment. You might be developing a website right now but will require a mobile app in the coming days. In such cases having the same solution provider makes life easy as well as implementation more controlled and streamlined.

Choosing the right technology partner for your business is one of the most vital decision and will add ample benefit to your business. Your partner should be passionate, knowledgeable, experienced, cost-effective and completely relationship oriented.

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Written by Sunny Patel

Sunny Patel is a versatile IT consultant at CMARIX, a premier web app development company that provides flexible hiring models for dedicated developers. With 11+ years of experience in technology outsourcing, he spends his time understanding different business challenges and providing technology solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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