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ASP.NET Core is the evolution of Microsoft’s popular ASP.NET web framework. Mainly a test driven development (TDD) whose foundation lies on having a friendly structure, with latest web standards enabling development of dynamic websites with patterns, and clean separation of concerns. It equips you with greater flexibility that enables to gain competitive advantages with high-end web applications. ASP.NET Core application, focuses on basic web page creation and APIs using MVC controllers and the Razor templating engine.

ASP.Net Core is a cross platform, so you can run it on Windows, Linux and Mac. This provides ease of deployment and cost effectiveness for enterprise applications. At CMARIX, the microsoft .net experts have started working with ASP.Net Core since early days.

Our DotNet Core Development services include:

  • DotNET Core Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Architecture
  • Apps on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems
  • Browser based web applications
  • Cloud-based Internet-connected applications
  • Application Migration Services
  • Database Migration
  • Hire DotNet Core Developers

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Benefits of ASP DotNET Core

  • Platform Independent
  • NET Execution Environment
  • Open Source
  • HTTP/2 Support
  • Support for NPM
  • Multiple Framework Support
  • Support for Grunt, Gulp and Bower
  • Cloud Optimized Core CLR