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Symfony Development Services

Symfony is a web application framework written in PHP which follows the MVC (Model View Controller). It provides components, architecture, and tools for building complex web applications very efficiently. Being amenable with most platforms, methods, libraries and infrastructure, Symfony framework delivers Cross-platform interoperability rich features. Symfony consists of a vast array of command line tools that are extremely useful for project development and management.

CMARIX posses expert Symfony developers with the proven record to offer quality web development and customization services, creating unique applications for the diversified clientele.

CMARIX Symfony Development Services Includes

  • Custom Symfony Framework Development
  • Symfony based Product Development
  • Symfony Migration Services
  • Symfony Framework Customization
  • Symfony Framework Integration
  • Maintenance and Support Services
  • Code Optimization Services
  • Database Optimization Services
  • Hire Symfony Developers

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Benefits of Symfony Website Development

  • Speed. Symfony 2 is 3X faster as compared to Symfony 1.4
  • Great flexibility
  • Decoupling makes Testing easy
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Higher Code Reusability
  • Custom Development with the Bundles
  • Reusability of Codes and easier to Maintain
  • Flexible URI Routing
  • Session Management and Error logging