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Why Does an Outsource Development Company Prefer ExpressJS for the Backend Framework?

Why Does an Outsource Development Company Prefer ExpressJS for the Backend Framework?

When it comes to digital presence, every web or app holds a backend platform where all the essential data is stored to make the digital solution work in your favor. The outsourcing software development company ensures they take good note of the backend server so the app can perform effortlessly. If there is any mistake or loophole found in the backend, then the entire flow of the app would be filled with complications and errors, resulting in a broken app solution.

Henceforth, there must be a scalable platform that eventually supports your backend server. Looking at the market, there is not just one, but multiple frameworks available that shout out to be the best for their business domain. But you need to be wise enough to pick the right framework for your business app, so it meets the requirements efficiently.

It is not an easy choice to select the best framework for your backend server, so this is why we are here to answer your quest.

In this blog post, we have brought you enough reasons to select Express.js as a chosen backend development framework for your business app.

Just scroll through this article further to discover what makes this framework a perfect choice for your next business app solution.

What is ExpressJS – What Should You Know?

What is ExpressJS

ExpressJS is a web application framework for NodeJS. It comes packed with multiple features, helping to build the web application development process fast and easily. It is a good choice for small-to-medium-sized apps, as due to its features and functionalities, it helps build the app faster. Furthermore, it is an ideal option for the MVP solution as its number of features makes it a better choice for a quick launch in the market.



The technical structure of ExpressJS is built to support the building of REST APIs that are used by servers to exchange data with clients.

Static Files

It is easy to serve static files with Express, wherein the production environment can seamlessly handle thousands of concurrent connections.

Real-time Services

Real-time applications such as chat are easy to develop with ExpressJS. It supports WebSockets, enabling developers to stream data from the server to the client in real time using persistent connections.

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Express JS- Pros and Cons

Pros of Express JS

  • Easy to use and with a robust set of features.
  • Packed with powerful routing APIs.
  • Holds an extendable and customizable architecture.
  • Has multiple HTTP utility methods and middleware.
  • Integration with databases like MongoDB, Redis, etc. is easy

Cons of Express JS

  • Requires middleware functions extensively, which can result in a messy codebase.
  • Lacks an inbuilt ORM system or any other way to interact with databases.

Performance- ExpressJS

Express is a minimal and flexible NodeJS framework with outstanding features for web applications like routing, sessions, caching, etc. It allows developers to set up the server with a simple interface that can further be routed and then used for request handling.

Backend Development India

Scalability- Express JS

Express is a web application framework that helps build fast, scalable, and secure web applications using Node.js, JavaScript runtime, and MongoDB. Thousands of developers use it to quickly, easily, and securely build web applications and APIs. Express can be installed as a dependency by using NPM, which makes it easy to use with NodeJS and extends the base Node capabilities to develop an application or service. Express is written in JavaScript, making it portable between environments and easy to run in any modern JavaScript runtime.

Testing- Express JS

Another factor that gives ease in selecting Express is testing, which comes packed with all the necessary tools to test the app’s functionality. Developers can use any testing suite (or framework) like Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, etc. This does not require them to write or maintain test data for the uncomplicated process.

When to Choose Express JS?

Choose Express JS

One of the most significant differences between Express and other web frameworks is its minimalist approach. Rather than providing built-in functionality, Express allows developers to add functionality through middleware. This will enable you to add functionality such as analytics, authentication, and even SEO-friendly URLs. They can also use Express to build single-page web applications without using a template framework or using libraries such as React or Vue.

Build an MVP with Express and MongoDB or a full-blown application with React/Redux and MongoDB, and you’ll have a working product in no time.

Faster Development Duration

Another reason developers pick Express for backend development is its speedy development process. Node.JS Development Services are the best, but there are certain limitations. However, express.js includes JavaScript, which supports faster coding with a quicker and easier way to complete the backend programming.

Express.js Error Handling

The error handling process that comes with Express.js can detect and solve bugs in both synchronous and asynchronous code.

  • Suitable I/O Request Handling

Due to the digitalization of every possible service around us, businesses receive multiple requests/notifications per day. Express backend framework allows companies to receive endless input and output requests without experiencing a lag.

  • Freedom to work

With Express.js, developers don’t have to abide by any rigid rules on the placement or order of code components.

  • Expedites the installation process

As we all know, framework installation calls for long hours, but this is not the case with Express.js. This framework is simple enough to be set up, configured, and customized.

Builds a REST ExpressJS API Server

REST ExpressJS API Server

The developers majorly use the REST API to enable servers to access and use data. The REST API server is the focus of any web application or service. It is where users come to interact with the application or service. Therefore, the REST API server must be built the first time correctly to function as expected. The most common reason a REST API doesn’t function as expected is that it is not built correctly.

The developer can build the server access with Express with the utmost security levels.

Easy to Integrate Databases

Express offers an easy-to-handle backend framework for development needs. Developers get a free hand to integrate any database, be it MongoDB, Redis, or MySQL, among many others, to make the product as flawless as possible.

Which one to choose- Node or Express?

choose- Node or Express

It’s a highly asked question involving whether to pick Express JS or Node JS when building an app. The answer suggests that it depends on your needs, as both frameworks have their own set of advantages and disadvantages to go ahead with. Express JS is an excellent option if you’re looking to build something fast. It is quick and efficient, and with a large community of users, support is available almost immediately. On the other hand, Node JS is much slower and can be a little bit clunky to install. It also has a smaller community, and support tends to be a little slower as well. Node JS IDEs to Develop Modern Applications is a good option, whereas express.js serves the fast development of the apps.

Why IO

IO is your best choice when it comes to hiring developers, as our team has worked extensively with Node JS to build various projects for our clients. We are glad to mention that our experts are capable of developing the application in no time, regardless of the technology integrated. We have helped a number of businesses out there find their niche in the market; you can be the next.


Over the years, Express has developed into a powerful and flexible framework for building backend services for web applications and web services. It is also widely used for developing the backend of web applications and services for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups. This has made Express one of the most popular and widely used frameworks for building the backend of web applications and services.

Expressjs has made an excellent platform for developers to try their hands at technical expertise. This technology has a lot more to explore, and if you want to know how you can take advantage of it, then you must schedule a call with our team of experts.

Hire NodeJS Developer with us, and give your business a much-required technical boost.

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