Digital Products in Education Industry

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Digital Technology in Education Industry

Education is one of the fastest growing industry globally. With technology revolution and mass adoption of mobile and tablet apps it has become one of the most crucial channel of communication between students-educational institutions-guardians. Growing usage of innovative media technologies as a method of learning and teaching have opened new boulevards for the technology developments.

Professional education platform simplifies training, collaboration and overall management between teachers and students. From school and university websites to mobile apps for the educational market, CMARIX has been delivering engaging web and mobile experiences with the results-driven web app solutions for academic industry.

Our portfolio and capability includes:

  • Web based e-learning and LMS Solutions
  • Attendance Management platforms
  • School Management System
  • Educational Website Design and Development Solutions
  • Library Management Systems
  • Parents-Teacher Interaction Apps
  • Augmented Reality Platforms
  • Complete School Administration System
  • High School Education and Networking Portal
  • Educational Game Development
  • Cross-Platform Educational Mobile App Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Remote Learning Websites
  • Education Portal Development
  • Centralized School Management Software
  • Learning Management System
  • Campus Management System