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CakePHP Website Development Services

CakePHP is a modern, PHP7 based, rapid application development framework that simplifies the web application development process. Based on MVC paradigm, it provides quality assets such as logical separation of code, built-in caching, data authentication, rapid prototyping with code generation and scaffolding. Most organizations choose CakePHP web development services to avail these efficient features.

CMARIX, as a renowned web development company, offers custom CakePHP web development with dexterous CakePHP experts that comprises of all the agile methodologies for leveraging the benefits of CakePHP platform.

CMARIX CakePHP Development Services Includes

  • CakePHP Web Development
  • Custom CakePHP Module Development
  • Integration of Web 2.0 CakePHP Application
  • CakePHP Extension Development and Upgrade
  • Website Maintenance and Deployment
  • Custom CMS Development
  • CakePHP Server Side Configuration and Development
  • CakePHP Template Design
  • Code Optimization Services
  • Hire CakePHP Web Developers

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Benefits of CakePHP Website Development

  • MVC Architecture and ORM
  • Inbuilt Security Tools
  • Rapid Application Development Platform
  • CRUD Scaffolding
  • Data Sanitization
  • Flexible Caching
  • Unit Testing Simplification
  • Well suited with PHP5