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Top 10 Vue Mobile UI Frameworks for Developing Mobile Apps

Top 10 Vue Mobile UI Frameworks for Developing Mobile Apps

Ever since Vue was launched in the market, it has gained immense popularity in the programming developer sector. Did you know that Vue.js is used by 0.8% of all websites globally? The wide range of features makes this front-end, open-source JavaScript framework extremely appealing for developing single-page applications and user interfaces. Vue makes it easy for developers to build top-rated mobile apps with excellent features such as cross-platform compatibility, extensive documentation, and more. Different dedicated mobile UI frameworks can significantly speed up the development process. However, for that, you need to hire the leading VueJS Development Company.

List of the Best Vue Mobile UI Frameworks

There are numerous Vue mobile Ui frameworks available. However, you will need to obtain the best VueJS Development Services for excellent results.

Here is the list of top ten UI frameworks that developers prefer to build mobile apps with Vue. Take a look –

1. Quasar Framework

Quasar Framework

Did you know that building hybrid mobile apps with Quasar Framework is actually possible? Yes! Quasar Framework is an excellent framework that utilizes VeuJS 2 accompanied by a near-native type user interface. The wide range of documentation available on the official website of Quasar makes it easy for developers to finish the project. You can also get numerous Vue-based UI components on the site. These include model dialogs, sliders, video embedding, etc. That explains the popularity of the Quasar Framework.

2. Framework7


If you are on the lookout for multiple native-like components of the user interface, opting for Framework7 is an excellent idea. Here, you will get numerous native-like user interface components such as page animations, swipe actions, etc., that developers can use to build web applications. The presence of Vue.js components indicates that the framework works perfectly with Vue and aids in the development of hybrid applications. Here, you will get an Android or iOS native feel and look.

3. Vuetify.js


One of the most popular UI frameworks compatible with building mobile apps with Vue is Vuetify.js. It is Veu.js 2’s component framework. The framework uses Material Design patterns from Google for the reliable UI components. Apart from that, you can also get 3 Vue CLI templates. It comes pre-configured with the framework so that developers can start on the project right away! The wide array of components under Material Design enhances the appeal of this unique framework.

4. Onsen UI

Onsen UI is a widely known open-source framework used for the development of mobile web and hybrid apps. With UI components that are Framework-agnostic, Onsen offers support to different frameworks. Here, one can find compatibility with React, Angualr2, Vue.js, AngularJS, and more. Developers can choose Onsen UI for excellent results. Here, the combination of Onsen UI with Vue.js ensures the creation of efficient mobile web and hybrid apps.

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5. Ionic Vue

Ionic Vue

Do you want to build Android and iOS apps from a single code base? In that case, Ionic Vue is the ideal choice for developers. It becomes quite easy to develop iOS and Android apps with an extensive Vue-based UI library. Moreover, with the mobile UI toolkit, you can also build web apps and native apps without any hassle. In order to make sure that the app based on Ionic Vue runs natively on Web, Android and iOS, the framework opts for the capacitor.

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6. Keen UI

vue keen ui

Another excellent framework that developers often choose for building reliable mobile apps is Keen UI. It is basically a wide collection of Material Design UI components that have been written in Vue.js. Here, you will get access to different Material style components. These include autocomplete, tabs, alerts, FAB, etc. The MIT-licensed formwork is found in GitHub. The availability of rich features makes this framework even more appealing to developers.

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7. Vue Native

Vue Native

One of the major reasons that developers seem to prefer Vue Native over other frameworks is the high adaptability features. Using Vue Native is an indication that different React Native and Vue Native compiles to React Native are available for further usage. The framework utilizes JavaScript to develop reliable and efficient native mobile apps. With Vue native, developers get the exciting features of React as well as Vue. No wonder Vue Native has become so popular in the developer community.

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8. Mint UI

Mint UI

Another highly reliable Vue Mobile UI framework that you can use to create mobile apps is Mint UI. It contains JS and CSS components in order to develop mobile applications with ease. Here, developers can opt for the date-time picker, toast, progress bar, lazy load, and many more features. The framework is extremely lightweight due to being component-based. Choosing Mint UI for creating efficient mobile apps is, without a doubt, an excellent idea.

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9. MDB Vue

MDB Vue UI Frameworks

Do you want to use the Bootstrap framework to build desktop and mobile UI? In that case, choosing MDB Vue is a great idea. Here, you will get the blended power of Vue.js and Bootstrap. The framework is based on the material design language of Google, making it an ideal choice for desktop and mobile interfaces. There is a free and pro version available. Moreover, the extensive documentation and active community are a big help.

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10. NativeScript

NativeScript UI Frameworks

Lastly, NativeScript concludes the list of the best Vue Mobile UI framework to develop mobile applications. It is an open-source framework that is an excellent choice if you want to build a native mobile app. Here, developers can choose from Vue.js or go with a different JavaScript framework like Angular. The framework has a mixture of features of both NativeScript and Vue. Thus, it becomes incredibly easier to build cross-platform mobile apps. Choose the best Hire VueJS Developers for the development of a reliable app.


These are the best-dedicated UI frameworks developers can use to build mobile apps with Vue. You need to check out the different features in order to choose the one that suits your needs the best. For exceptional results, recruit CMARIX, the best VueJS Development Company in India, right away! Here, you will get excellent solutions for your various project needs.

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