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Top 10 SSGs That Are Helping React Native App Development Company in 2023

Top 10 SSGs That Are Helping React Native App Development Company in 2023

Web presence for any business is not a choice anymore but rather a mandated fact that must be addressed as an unavoidable requirement. However, the web development process can be very time-consuming and challenging for those not proficient with it. It involves putting together a web design, or front end, in which the site layout and the information architecture are presented. After that, the site needs to be built from the ground up. The website development process can be complicated, but there are many resources available to help you through the process with a React Native App Development Company.

A growing trend in website development has triggered the use of a static site generator to generate and host the site. A static site is a more straightforward method of generating a website than a dynamic site, and it allows you to update your site without having to worry about servers and updating your code.

A static site generator is a tool that you can use to create your website without worrying about your bandwidth and hosting costs. It can be as simple as using a text file to make your static site.

Static site generators are perfect for making a website look impressive while maintaining precision and agility. They come packed with a wide range of templates, themes, and plugin-related functionality.

This post will be your guide to help you save time and effort in finding the best SSG for your next web project.

Just scroll through to unbox the plethora of endless possibilities.

What is a Static Site Generator (SSG)?

Static site generators are used to create static websites that can be shared across the internet. Static site generators should not be mistaken for CMS-based website builders. Instead, they are a new type of website generator that uses the “Static Site Generators Toolkit,” which is a set of scripts to create a website using HTML, PHP, and CSS.

Static site generators (SSG) include data, content, and templates to build a page view provided to site visitors. When you Hire React Native Developers, you would experience that static site generators are cheaper to produce than dynamic site builders and provide site visitors with a faster page view.

Why Should You Choose A Static Site Generator?

Static site generators (SSE) are one of the essential elements of any web application. They are used to create a project’s documentation and make it easier to add more features to your application. A static site generator (SSE) is software that generates a web page hosted on a server and edited to produce a final product.

Some of the prominent reasons for static site generators are?

  • Super-fast speed
  • Reliable security standards
  • Infinite functionalities

Top 10 Static Site Generators In 2022

Static site generators are the essential element of application development. They can be used to build dynamic sites that can be easily extended and with minimal effort. However, too many options available in the market can leave you scratching your head. So let’s take a look at a curated list of top 10 SSGs to help you build mesmerizing digital solutions.

1. Next.js – Most Popular Static Site Generator

Next.js is a full-fledged comprehensive React ecosystem that can be used for many applications. Next.js takes the weight off your shoulders and handles the complex task of rendering your React app, so you can get your project up and running quickly and spend less time fighting with your React app. It has a powerful template system that is based on prop-based components. Over 100 features are at your disposal to help you build for the web just the way you want to. It utilizes a content-first approach to deliver content to the web, giving you the freedom to write your HTML, CSS, and JS or even use a pre-existing framework.

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2. Eleventy

Eleventy is a great static site generator, which is not just fast, and flexible, but easy to use also. It has a modular structure that allows you to extend it with your modules easily. It can serve files through an HTTP server or via any file system and supports caching. It is an effortless and easy-to-use static site generator. It has a very simple structure, it’s quite fast, and it can be used for static projects and web applications.

3. Hugo

Hugo is a static site generator that uses a content-first approach to writing and generating websites and one of the best Front-end Development Trends. Hugo supports popular content management systems and runs on nearly all platforms, from Linux to macOS to Windows. No matter which platform you’re on, Hugo generates alluring websites. Hugo is used by thousands of blogs and websites worldwide to generate excellent content. It offers a variety of free options for both front and back-end design. While you can build any theme you want, Hugo’s themes are made for the specific needs of a blogging platform and are optimized for search and discovery, so you can quickly get up and running with any format you like. Hugo brings along more than 300 themes to transform the website appearance to a larger extent.

4. Gatsby

Gatsby provides not just a static website but the best cloud platform for the web, including multi-server support and the ability to store your entire site in the cloud. It offers several services that are incredibly useful for those who want to create and customize web applications and those who want to make use of the cloud. With Gatsby, there is backup, including cloud service, making crafting and hosting static websites easier. It provides turnkey solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses so users can focus on what they can do best: building their products.

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5. Gridsome

Gridsome is a powerful static site-generating tool that makes it easy to build high-quality docs without any code. It’s an essential tool for anyone who builds a website that needs to have docs, and it’s today’s web standard. Gridsome was initially used as a static site generator because it came with many built-in features like live preview and nice-looking and low-friction site navigation. But it’s now expanded to render SPAs and native apps for any platform.

6. Nuxt.js

Nuxt.js is a JavaScript framework for building dynamic websites and applications in modern, lightweight, and flexible ways. Nuxt.js is built on top of Express. Web admins and developers widely use and accept it to build fast and scalable websites. The simple structure of the program allows for rapid prototyping and easy maintenance. It is built on modular web architecture with the bundle analyzer of this ecosystem can assist developers in tweaking the website. Nuxt.js is based on modular web architecture with the bundle analyzer of this ecosystem that can help developers tweak the website.

7. Jekyll

Jekyll is a blog-friendly static site generator; migrating any blog website is easy to execute. It is a lightweight web application framework for generating static blog sites. It has a simple, flexible structure and a responsive design, and it is one of the most popular blog-friendly static site generators (SSGs) used by bloggers and developers alike. It was developed by Twitter folks and released under the MIT license. Jekyll works with any front-end framework.

8. Hexo

Hexo is an open-source Node.js web application generator built on top of Express. It has a fast, lightweight, and flexible web application framework. Web admins and developers widely use and accept it to build fast and scalable websites. The simple structure of the program allows for rapid prototyping and easy maintenance.

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9. Pelican

Pelican is a static site generator. It provides a clean, semantic, and easy-to-use interface for building websites. It uses an opinionated set of rules to generate clean, semantic HTML and convert it to well-written, semantic CSS. Pelican makes it easy to share your Pelican sites with the world and allows you to save a lot of time managing your site.

When Pelican static site generator offers an easy user interface for installation convenience, developers can install Pelican without having to build it from the source. Pelican can be used for building sites with a low number of pages or for sites with a high number of pages without requiring more developers than would otherwise be necessary for a site with a bunch of pages.

10. Vuepress

Vuepress is a powerful, intuitive, and powerful static site generator built for developers. It’s used by thousands of developers worldwide to turn their ideas into beautiful websites with the power of Vue. It supports a rich set of hooks, such as Vue-CLI to provide quick stats on how your site is doing at any particular moment, Emoji support, and support for SASS/SCSS variables and mixins.


The list of static site generators is not limited to mentioned options. However, this is just a glimpse of some tried and tested options that are ruling the market and will continue to do so in 2022.

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