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How to generate more traffic for your Magento store

How to generate more traffic for your Magento store

Magento has determined significant improvement over the past few years. eCommerce owners can now use the platform with ease and convenience in operations. Even if it’s about to create a new store or move to a new version, Magento always tops in the list with its comprehensive framework that has ended up being perfect for various business requirements. Magento is an exceptional eCommerce solution from which you will get a plenty of built-in features to help you to get a highly-interactive eCommerce store with ease. However, for better results, you have to trail some of the best practices for increased traffics and higher conversions. Let’s see few tips to increase traffic to your Magento store.

Here are some of the most compelling tips to increase your Magento web store traffic and take your business to the next level.

High-Quality Content

How often have you found yourself reading a blog or an article that you found interesting and, as a result of the information you got from that site, you chose to go back to see what else they had to offer? Content, in the form of tutorials, articles, blog posts or even video presentations, will allow you to build a relationship with your visitors and give them a reason to visit you in the future. Make sense of what your qualities are and make your content accordingly. In order to boost traffic and SEO rankings, you should require having boundless content. The content ought to be as simple in language that a small child can understand rather than big highlight words.

Social Media

The value of Social Media is expanding day after day; almost everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts and so on. You can use this platform to generate traffic. Implement your online store with social networks is only one way to get attention to your online business. The content, you share may interest your readers and bring them back to your online store. Also, you can make a social promotion and special offering discounts for people that tweet or post about you.

Consistent Posts

It’s not only that to connect with social media but you daily have to post a content to your Magento site to keep your social media pages popular and visible.A consistent posting and high-quality content can surely bring a high range lead to increase in your Magento website. The worth of your post is often more important than the quantity. Quality worth content captivates your viewers and is more likely to get a like, or a share which in turn boosts your ranking and followers.

Being Responsive

Being responsive to your visitors will help excessively towards increasing traffic on your Magento website. You have great content and you have also made sure that this content has been distributed through the right social media channels. Does your job end there? – No. You will also need to make sure that you are responsive to the comments and queries of visitors.


By online visitors and Google spiders, both preferred human-readable URLs links. For installation of a plug-in, it needs the activation of this feature. To create a custom plugin for you, you can hire Magento developer to help it out. Also, you should do crisscross check for damaged and broken links, unreadable URLs and incorrectly wrong structured URLs on your website. Don’t apply or utilize definite keyword on every page of your website.

Email Marketing

While concentrating on content marketing for getting customers is good, one should not neglect email marketing. For effective way for growing the traffic on your Magento, you can use emails marketing for notifications and products concerning reminders. An effective email can help you increase sales directly.


Content optimization for SEO is a very important method for increasing traffic on your Magento website. One of the ways of being at the top of search results is to go for low-competition niche keywords. Meta descriptions which get attention and writing image alt text are also important. Attending to on-page SEO is a very good way to boost traffic to your website.

Write Carefully Your Page Titles

The correct written page titles can bring much traffic to your online store. The page titles must include keywords and products description. For example “Lavie handbag brand that cares for you” brings more visitors from Google search then just Lavie bag. To develop your online store, the page titles have to be as descriptive as possible.

Magento eCommerce store

Integrate Online Store with Google Analytics

By Google Analytics you can track on-site visitors’ behavior, monitor conversions and which pages have the most visitors’ rate and so on. Without monitoring the sources of referral traffic and the best search keywords, you will never build a marketing strategy for your online store.

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate advertising and marketing let you track sale that is mentioned by other site or current customer via an exceptional affiliate link which affiliate program and prompt your service. This is an interesting method that has been around for a long while. An affiliate program allows you to track sales that are referred by existing customers by using a special affiliate link which tells the website “This sale came from Adidas”. Each affiliate has their own unique affiliate URL that they can use to promote a product or service. Usually, a commission of about 15-20% is paid for every sale to the person who refers a sale.

Whatsoever may be your eCommerce business model; all that really matters is closing sales and fetching more revenue for greater ROI. Thus, making an excellent online store & launching it on the web isn’t just enough. Enhancing your Magento eCommerce shop to accomplish ideal sales also becomes an extremely important aspect to consider if you’re truly focused on growth. All you need to do is to make your Magento web store more accessible, interactive, and user-friendly.

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