Product Development for Security Industry

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Product Development for Security Industry

Technological investment for security is mandatory for every individual, businesses and corporations. With so many softwares, platforms and information exchange, data security has become a huge concern for everyone. Cost of cybercrime will reach more than $3 trillion by 2022. As per Osterman Research survey of organizations in North America, United Kingdom and Germany revealed that nearly half had sustained ransomware attacks.

CMARIX has been working actively with global hardware and security providers to provide enterprise products to best meet security needs of individuals, SMEs and Enterprises. We use the latest technology adhering to local and global compliance to deliver state of the art software solutions, whether across Web, Mobile, Wearable or Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Services

  • Face Recognition Systems
  • Phishing Awareness Platform
  • Surveillance Management System
  • Custom Access Control System
  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Security Audit Services
  • Robot Defence
  • Virtual Desktop Containers
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Software Threat Protection Services