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Phonegap App Development Services

PhoneGap is emerging HTML5 based cross-platform mobile app development framework that is widely used to create single code mobile apps that can run on different mobile platforms. The single code base framework is feature rich and facilitates code reusability i.e write once and run the same code on various platforms. This is the major reason for the increased demand of PhoneGap amongst business organizations, enterprises and many more.

CMARIX, a leading Phonegap development company is working on PhoneGap mobile application development since the early days. We provide complete PhoneGap mobile application development services in terms of the concept development based upon the business logic and how it can add value to the available solutions.

CMARIX PhoneGap App Development Services includes

  • Enterprise Phonegap Applications
  • Phonegap Business Applications
  • Education PhoneGap Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
  • eCommerce PhoneGap Applications
  • Social Network Applications
  • Real estate Applications
  • Video Streaming Applications
  • PhoneGap Maintenance Services
  • Hire PhoneGap Developers

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