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Angular is full featured, JavaScript framework backed by Google which enhances a standard HTML and speeds up an application’s responsiveness. It offers much more flexibility than standard HTML, leading to create Single-Page Applications (SPAs) and simplifying the development and testing stages. Angular with its seamless integration and support delivers high productivity and scalability. Angular quickly builds features with declarative templates. Templates languages can be extended with components. Thus making it possible to use a huge collection of components.

CMARIX has been early providers of Angular technology with expertise in creating Single-Page Applications (SPAs) which have OOPs concept leveraged from TypeScript, interlinked components, real time notifications and overall aesthetics of latest frontend technology. Hire Angular developer at best Angular Development Company for creating dynamic, enterprise-grade solutions which provides a scalable platform to create a component based responsive single-page web applications to dominate marketplace.

We have experience in

  • Creating custom Angular Components

  • John Papa Style based Angular implementation

  • Reactive Extensions (RxJS) Implementation

  • Intellisense Editor implementation

  • Material Design integration with Angular

  • Multi-lingual Implementation

  • Upgrading Angular Applications

  • Testing frameworks like Jasmine and Karma

  • Platform Migration Services

  • Mobile Angular UI

  • Angular with ThreeJS

  • Single Page Angular Applications (SPAs)

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