Enterprise Products for Finance & Banking Industry

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Finance and Banking Enterprise Products

Software technology has played vital role in changing the way Finance and Banking industry operates. It is forecasted for Fintech transaction value to grow by $15 billion by 2020. Finance Software Solution helps to reinvent banking with Omni-Channel Experiences and streamline as well as automate daily operations.

CMARIX has been ranked among Top 10 Banking Software Providers of India by CIO review. Financial and banking organizations look for innovative ways to add new business, increase profits, prevent fraud and meet regulatory compliance issues. CMARIX offers custom finance and banking software development services to achieve these goals.

Our Services for Finance and Banking industry

  • Portfolio Management System
  • Asset and Wealth Management Custom Solution
  • Digital Wallets
  • Custom Mobile Application for Stock Trading
  • Integration of Financial Portals with Trading Platform
  • Commodity Broking Software Development
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution
  • Debt Collection Complete Solution
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Risk Management Solution
  • Business Intelligence (BI) systems
  • Claim Management System
  • Policy Management System
  • Mobile Payment Solution
  • Loyalty System for Payment Cards
  • Bond Portfolio Management Service
  • Migration of an Accounting System to Azure Cloud
  • Reward System for the Bank Cards holders
  • Financial Planners Website
  • Investment Company Website
  • Mortgage Specialist Website
  • Financial Adviser Website
  • Wealth Management Firm Website
  • Banking Services Website
  • Mutual Fund Investors Website
  • Pension and Online Investments Website