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Digital Technology for Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment industry comprising of film, television, print, radio, digital media and much more. Media industry is undergoing rapid change along the entire value chain, propelled by continuously rising consumer demand, digital technology, connectivity and evolving devices. Media revenues are projected to grow to 2.2 trillion US dollars by 2021. Using software technology is one of the most effective way to assemble, enhance and circulate brand value with the media and entertainment mobility solutions.

CMARIX provide cloud based media and entertainment solutions that enable enterprises to establish a reliable and a holistic view on customer information, establish processes that enable capturing, storing, managing, preserving and delivering data and integrate distinct media systems using digital technology.

Our Services

  • Multi-channel Distribution Platform
  • Custom Ticketing Platform
  • Voucher Management Platform
  • Social Media Analytics and Reporting
  • Streaming Mobile Application Development
  • Video on Demand Application
  • Digital Media Content Publishing
  • Custom Advertising Platforms
  • Custom Product Development
  • SaaS based Product Development
  • Online Advertising Platform for Advertiser and Publisher Networks
  • Campaign Analytics and Reporting system
  • Ad Exchange Management System
  • Online PPC Management System
  • Online Affiliate Platform and Affiliate Management System
  • Online Advertising and Market Research Analysis Software
  • eCommerce Advertising Platform
  • P2P Advertising Platform
  • Analytics Integration
  • Community Portal Development
  • Media-based Application Development