what is it

Gamewithme is a live video streaming platform that allows gamers and studios do their shows in the way they want and express themselves. On GameWithMe, you are not just able to watch the action; you can participate in unprecedented ways. Gamewithme wants to engage gaming community in various ways like it never happened before. What truly separates ourstreams from crowd is that our streamers are able to freely express themselves. On Gamewithme, eSports teams from around the world can compete in a variety of games.


story behind gamewithme

Steve Hamilton, an entrepreneur who is die hard gamer, contacted us with an idea to develop a platform which allows gamers to stream their games without any restrictions and earn decent amount of money. Our developers at CMARIX, researched about live steaming game websites and features of them and shared our findings and probable features of website with Steve. After that we agreed on MVP(Minimum Viable Product) and started researching for right live streaming engine.

To live stream games in any device, we have finalized Wowza Streaming engine because it has patented software for live steaming and it delivers fast and clean streams while providing control over video format, quality and delivery options. It also supports latest industry protocols, formats and codecs with powerful APIS and interface options.



wireframe design

Wireframe design
Wireframe design 2
Wireframe design 3
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We, at CMARIX have created a platform for hardcore gamers who can live stream their games using different modes like public, private and tipping and for spectators who can watch live stream of their favorite gamers and discuss about game. Gamewithme has a token concept which needs to be purchased to watch private or tipping sessions of any gamer. Gamewithme also allows gamer or team of gamers to take part in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly contest.


visual design




Allows game streamer to stream game in 3 different modes, public, private and tipping.

Any spectator can watch public streaming and chat with a streamer in common chat box.

Spectator can chat privately with performer while watching him perform in private mode by paying certain amount.

A Studio can be set up and a studio can add multiple performers

Studio can also live stream games in 3 different modes

Token can be purchased by user to watch and support his/her favourite performer

For more traffic and earnings, a performer can share and connect with wider audience using social media sharing.

Performer can also record his/her public broadcasts automatically by connecting \to his/her YouTube account.

A performer can take part in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly contests to earn prizes.


tech specs

Web Server:
Apache 2.4

MySQL 5.7

PHP Version:
PHP 7.2

Development Framework:
Yii 2.0

Payment Gateway:
Paypal Payment Gateway

Web Push Notification:
FCM service from Google