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Strategic Partnership Between Game With Me And CMARIX

A Game-Changing Collaboration

Game With Me, a dynamic live video streaming platform for gamers, partnered with CMARIX for a strategic collaboration aimed at revolutionizing the gaming industry. This partnership leveraged CMARIX's expertise in web design and development to create a unique platform that allows gamers to express themselves freely and engage with the gaming community in unprecedented ways. The collaboration resulted in a platform that not only allows for live streaming of games but also facilitates interaction between gamers and spectators, thereby creating a vibrant and interactive gaming community.

  • Technology Yii (PHP)
  • Industry Entertainment
  • Access WorldWide
  • Built for Web Users

Crafting A Gaming Revolution

How CMARIX Engineered The Game With Me Platform

  • Customized Design

    CMARIX started by designing a unique architecture for the platform, ensuring it could handle the planned features and functionalities. This included designing user dashboards, subscription pages, and order forms.

  • Testing and Deployment

    After all the development tasks were completed, CMARIX thoroughly tested the platform to ensure all features and functionalities worked as expected. After successful testing, the platform was deployed for use.

  • Legacy Code Management

    CMARIX carefully reviewed and analyzed the legacy code to identify code patterns, understand the coding standards used, and spot potential areas of improvement or refactoring.

  • Multilingual Support

    To cater to a global audience, CMARIX developed a system for language selection, allowing the platform to support multiple languages.

  • Third-Party API Integration

    CMARIX integrated third-party APIs to provide additional functionalities. For example, chat communication was enabled through API integration.

  • Data Migration

    CMARIX undertook the significant task of migrating all data available under the Web Platform to the MongoDB database, ensuring data integrity in the process.

Technological Triumph

The Making Of Game With Me By CMARIX

  • Live Streaming Architecture

    CMARIX designed a robust live streaming architecture that could handle high traffic and provide a seamless streaming experience. This was a key feature that allowed gamers to broadcast their gameplay in real-time.

  • Interactive Features

    To foster community engagement, CMARIX developed interactive features such as live chats and discussion forums. These features allowed gamers and spectators to interact during live streams.

  • Token System

    CMARIX implemented a token system for accessing private or tipping sessions. This system was designed to balance monetization with user experience, providing value to both gamers and spectators.

  • Contest Module

    A unique feature developed by CMARIX was the contest module. This allowed gamers or teams to participate in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly contests, adding a competitive element to the platform.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    CMARIX integrated the Paypal Payment Gateway to handle transactions on the platform. This ensured a secure and reliable method for users to purchase tokens.

  • Web Push Notifications

    To keep users engaged and updated, CMARIX integrated the FCM service from Google for web push notifications. This allowed the platform to send real-time updates to users.

  • Responsive Design

    Understanding the diverse range of devices used by gamers, CMARIX ensured the platform was responsive and provided a consistent user experience across different device types and screen sizes.

Crafting A Gaming Ecosystem

Key Features Of The Game With Me Platform Developed By CMARIX

  • Contest Participation

    A unique feature developed by CMARIX is the ability for performers to participate in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly contests. This feature adds a competitive element to the platform and provides performers with opportunities to earn prizes.

  • Interactive Chat System

    A real-time chat system was integrated into the platform, allowing spectators to interact with streamers during live streams. This feature enhances the social aspect of the platform and fosters a sense of community among users.

  • Studio Setup

    CMARIX designed a feature that allows the creation of virtual studios. A studio can add multiple performers, thereby enabling team streaming. This feature caters to eSports teams and gaming groups who wish to stream their gameplay collectively.

  • Social Media Integration

    To increase traffic and user engagement, CMARIX integrated social media sharing capabilities into the platform. Performers can share their streams on various social media platforms, thereby reaching a wider audience.

  • Token System

    A token system was implemented for accessing private or tipping sessions. Users can purchase tokens to support their favorite performers or to gain access to exclusive content. This system serves as the primary monetization strategy for the platform.

  • YouTube Integration

    CMARIX enabled automatic recording of public broadcasts by integrating the platform with YouTube. This allows performers to maintain a record of their streams and provides additional content for their YouTube channels.

  • Versatile Streaming Modes

    CMARIX developed a system that allows game streamers to broadcast their gameplay in three different modes - public, private, and tipping. This flexibility allows streamers to engage with their audience in various ways and provides multiple avenues for revenue generation.

Behind The Scenes

Backend Features Powering The Game With Me Platform

  • Robust Database Management

    CMARIX utilized MySQL 5.7 for the platform's database management. This ensured efficient handling of large volumes of data, including user profiles, streaming data, chat history, token transactions, and contest details.

  • Development Framework

    The platform was developed using the Yii 2.0 framework. This high-performance, component-based PHP framework is ideal for developing large-scale web applications like "Game With Me".

  • Web Server Management

    Apache 2.4 was used as the web server for the platform. This server is known for its power, flexibility, and stability, making it an excellent choice for a high-traffic platform like "Game With Me".

  • Secure Payment Gateway Integration

    CMARIX integrated the Paypal Payment Gateway for secure token transactions. This feature ensures the safe and reliable purchase and redemption of tokens.

  • Web Push Notification Service

    CMARIX integrated the FCM service from Google for web push notifications. This service allows the platform to send real-time updates to users, enhancing user engagement.

Wireframe Design

wireframe screen images
wireframe screen images
wireframe screen images
wireframe screen images

Visual Design

visual design screen images
visual design screen images
visual design screen images
visual design screen images
visual design screen images
visual design screen images

Tech Stack

  • Frontend

    HTML5, CSS3,
    JavaScript, Bootstrap

  • Backend

    (Yii 2.0 framework)

  • Web Server

    Apache 2.4

  • Database

    MySQL 5.7

Potential Third-Party APIs

  • Payment Gateway

    Paypal Payment Gateway for handling token transactions.

  • Web Push Notifications

    FCM service from Google for sending real-time updates to users.

  • Live Streaming

    A third-party live streaming Wowza API is used to handle the live streaming functionality.

  • Social Media Integration

    APIs from various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for sharing streams and promoting user engagement.

  • YouTube Integration

    YouTube API for automatic recording and uploading of public broadcasts.

  • Chat Communication

    A third-party chat Agora Chat API is used to provide the real-time chat functionality.

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