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Transform Your Grocery Business By Developing Website & App Like Instacart

Transform Your Grocery Business By Developing Website & App Like Instacart

Due to prevailing mobile solutions, the store businesses are rolling down in the loss. Isn’t it? Even when we talk about the visits to your grocery store, it would have reduced. So how can we get down to business again?

The answer is providing customers ‘a digital solution’. Mobile apps will give the customers new and more convenient shopping experience. Gone are the days when people had to list grocery items for their scheduled visit to a grocery store and invest valuable hours collecting the items and standing in line for a bill. Now, people are becoming part of future’s big picture. The future is digital.

The adoption of online grocery stores is being accepted worldwide at a rapid pace. The need for convenience had changed the entire shopping picture of past. Digital retail has empowered customers with different & flexible ways to shop and access services and products. The shoppers today want to embrace the freedom and flexibility of shopping anytime and anywhere they want. So ready to adopt a fast-paced marketplace app, i.e. grocery delivery app?

If not, explore how the website & mobile app development of a grocery delivery app can resolve the challenges faced by a physical grocery store.

  • Loyal Customers

As per statistics, existing users who believe in your brand spend 67% more than the new customers. The process of converting existing users to buyers is more easy than converting new users into buyers. Grocery mobile apps play a significant role in retaining these existing users by offering them discount coupons, reward points and more. Hence, if you own a grocery store, ensure you transform your traditional business to digital to grow and convert your existing users into loyal customers.

  • Convenience

Consumers today are running for more productivity, i.e. investing time for right activities. The inconvenience of finding every single product on their own, the long trips to stores accompanied by physical grocery stores is no more priority for them. They prefer online markets to do their grocery shopping, as it empowers the customers to buy from the variety of products by category-wise.

  • Customer Engagement

The on-demand service mobile apps will help businesses to contact the users directly for better engagement while diminishing the service provider barrier. The retailers can reach the users to understand their user requirement by asking them to fill customer feedback. A mobile app solution will provide prompt services to users and the delight them with this immediate availability.

The Role Of CMARIX In Developing Instacart Like Website And App

Prior knowing how we can help you, be clear with these following questions:

  • Where your competitors offer their services?
  • Which target audience/market you want to target?
  • What is the monetization strategy of your competitors?
  • Do your competitor’s app have any flaws/pain-points?
  • Which grocery delivery apps are targeting the same market?
  • Do you want to include any specific feature in your grocery delivery app?

Once you have answers, it would be easy to form a strategy. With this strategy, CMARIX, being one of the best eCommerce development company offers retailers the service flexibility to develop a quality store app & website while solving various multi-channel integration and complex retail operations. The talented designers ensure the designs to be responsive, enabling shoppers to purchase easily from your grocery store – right from login to checkout. The team ensures to make your website look creative & simple with easy navigation.

delivery mobile apps

Types Of Grocery Mobile Apps We Offer:

  • eCommerce Grocery apps
  • Personalized Grocery apps
  • In-store Grocery apps

Few important features in Instacart that you cannot miss in your website & mobile:

  • User-Friendly Administrative Site
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Secured
  • Order Tracking & Management
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Discount & Feedback Zone
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Push Notification
  • Communication Channels (SMS, Emails, Chat)
  • GPS Tracking

It may look like a challenge, but developing a website or app for a medium, smaller or underserved market has the potential to deliver the desired business results. And we want to be a part of your success story. Get in touch to know details about your grocery delivery application development. Take our help to lay the foundation of your business and digital development needs.

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