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How a CEO Can Create Wonders With Out of the Box Thinking

How a CEO Can Create Wonders With Out of the Box Thinking

“Striving Hard Is Essential, But Thinking Hard Is Your First Step”

The statement ringing a bell in your ears? Well, let’s understand it with an example.

*When we look back in the 1990s, there were a group of people called ‘knocker-uppers’ in England. As the name conveys, their endeavour was to walk up the streets, knock the doors and wake up people every morning. The group was known for their efficiency in the job.

In the later decade, alarm clocks emerged into the markets, and these people were knocked with their livelihoods in a jiffy.*

In the above story, the knocker-uppers strived hard and did their jobs with utter seriousness. However, the un-fortunes call them, and they lost the job. So, where the things went wrong?

The answer is “the job they selected”. A lesser valuable task rather than a valuable one will always mirror un-fortunes.

“Efficiency Is Doing Things Right, Effectiveness Is Doing Right Things”

It’s good to do a task with efficiency, but it’s not worth if it’s not valuable.

At times in your life, you will come around a situation that depicts your footprint on the no-mans land. The moment when thinking differently can be the only solution witnessed. In the context of business, the real value addition befalls through innovation and this point to ‘out of box thinking‘. Today most of the entrepreneurs operate, thinking inside the defined proverbial box. As we grow up, our brains are ingrained into same routines because comforts reside there. However, success or any strategic planning sessions usually admonish to “think outside the box”.

“Think Outside The BOX” the jargon rings a bit hollow, as traditionally no method is recommended to accomplish this feat. However, if given the attention, is there any approach for any organization to encourage innovation and out of the thinking approach? We agree that efficiency, precision, productivity or steadiness is irreplaceable qualities in any business operation, but how to guarantee innovation and the right approach to your methods?

Let’s Explore Few Aspects:

Work On ‘How’ Rather Than ‘What’

When considering modern businesses, the ‘what’ approach has the same answers while the actual mysteries lie in the ‘how’ approach like how you do business. For instance, most of the software development companies pay attention to developing reliable, efficient software without any flaws.

The basics of the software development solutions will certainly remain limited to the standards and protocols, but the implementation of the innovative and creative solutions within the mainstream is an art to be considered. Ultimately, the how will only bring you a digital product that is competitive and compelling and sets the industry standards to a new level.

Innovation The Only Math To Win The Competition

So your business just relies on productivity to deliver the targeted results? Do you really think that the consistent production of volumes and just meeting up the customer demands will propel growth? No. Innovation is the answer.

Today, only the braves have the potential to go beyond the box and leverage the benefits of extensive possibilities. Few companies that have been working for years and still have not witnessed the boundaries of success is because they love to stay in the box of safety. They are the obedient rule followers, who know to walk the white line and mind their manners. So, till the time you are in occupied within the four connecting lines, there’s no harm. The moment you decide to come outside the box the complexities of the world gets flipped on the head. If you dare to think about success, you should even dare to face these complexities, isn’t it?

No wonder why the business world recognizes the name of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or Richard Branson. Just the box, was never a possibility for them. So how can you take things from zero to one?

Few Approaches You Can Adopt For Innovation Are

  • Blend passion with future vision
  • Dare to think differently
  • Consider the ideas out of your business niche and implement those tricks in your business
  • Know the boundaries of customer comfort & blend it with technology
  • IMAGINE & think – the only fantasy that can take closer to innovation
  • Break the rules
  • Motivate your robust research & development

Innovation will set your business qualitatively apart in the competitive business world. Ensure, because of limitations to innovations your business should not face debacle with growth experiencing a decline.

Inspiration From Leaders

Make a list of global giants in any business niche who created meteoric success and rise. The success stories will reveal that innovation in their product or the breakthrough approach in business operations is the only factor you need to adopt. Right from the tech giants like Google, Apple to the innovative service era like Ola, innovation and out of box thinking are responsible for the success of all leading brands.

Technology Is The Priority

Technology these days is at the forefront and innovation is its one soul element. Technology plays a crucial role to bring innovation in business. So if you are pushing innovation in your business methods, implementing advanced technology is the foremost task.

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Written by Sunny Patel

Sunny Patel is a versatile IT consultant at CMARIX, a premier web app development company that provides flexible hiring models for dedicated developers. With 11+ years of experience in technology outsourcing, he spends his time understanding different business challenges and providing technology solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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