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A Sneak Peek At Enterprise Software Implementation: SaaS (Software as a Service)

A Sneak Peek At Enterprise Software Implementation: SaaS (Software as a Service)

In layman’s terms, enterprise software can be defined as a core technology which is implemented in business. It becomes the main point for the business operation and can provide significant benefit in terms of automation, cost saving, and cross diversification.

Many startups are coming up with creative enterprise software solutions which can be implemented in the form of SaaS (Software as Service). In SaaS-based business model companies make the software once and then provide it on licensing based model to different businesses. In simple words, SaaS is a system of delivering software application over the web as a service. They also provide a software customization option to different companies based on their specific business needs. MailChimp & SproutSocial are few examples of SaaS-based implementation.

Startups and businesses follow a systematic plan to tailor enterprise software implementation and they are based on the following considerations:

Find the Gap Area:

Based on the current technology ecosystem, you need to identify what particular domains and businesses that can benefit from the specific software. As most problems are common and standard across the globe, and technology can be utilized very effectively to address them.

Doing Different Things or Doing Things Differently:

Enterprise software can be a totally new concept which is addressing a specific business problem or need, – this implies doing different things. It can also be an improved way of addressing a solution which is already being done by other companies, which correlates to doing things differently.

Choose Technology Wisely:

This is a very fundamental decision which companies have to make which has a significant impact on future business. PHP, Microsoft DotNet, and Ruby on Rails are few of the preferred technology options for implementing enterprise software.

Have the Right UI and UX:

All the great things in life are simple. The same thing applies to enterprise software. An ideal balance of attractive design & ease of use is very important for the success of any product. Learning time for users should be as low as possible and software should be very intuitive so it appeals to first time users who might not be that tech savvy in some situations.

Getting Architecture Right:

Many time companies run across poorly build software, which takes longer to scale up as well as cost much more when the architecture isn’t been implemented correctly. Ensuring that the software architecture is technically correct, robust & scalable is very important.


No matter how good is your technology solution. If you don’t reach the target audience it will not be used correctly. Implementing the right digital marketing approach for your SaaS enterprise software varies based on the nature of the product, geography, business domain.

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Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at CMARIX InfoTech, a leading web and mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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