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Designed specifically for the complex, ambitious and large scale web app development projects, Yii offers efficacious management of the web platforms involving numerous processes and efficient traffic management. Yii is a fast, secure, professional, extensive open source web application development framework that empowers to create cost efficient PHP-based web applications. This framework leverages the use of Lazy loading technique and loads much faster than other frameworks. Moreover, it’s a secure development framework featuring both client-side and server-side validations. Yii is enriched with a large number of widgets, extensions and useful caching features like memcache, APC, XCache and more.

Hire dedicated Yii developers from CMARIX to take advantage of the rich credibility of the Yii framework that enhances the functionality of your application, making it enterprise-grade to meet the specification of your business model in a performance rendering manner. We provide a flexible engagement model in terms of hourly, monthly and long-term contract basis to deliver best in class Yii framework development services.

We have experience in

  • Yii 2.0 Enterprise Development

  • 100+ API integrations

  • Database Optimization

  • Pentaho and other BI platform integration

  • SAP, Salesforce, Sage and Quickbooks integration

  • Yii Module and Plugin Development

  • Platform Migration Services

  • RESTful/SOAP Web Service APIs development

  • Template engine integration like Twig, Smarty

  • Implementation of filters like HttpCache, Cors, VerbFilter, Accesscontrol, PageCache

  • Yii Maintenance Services

  • Third Party Integrations

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