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Top 13 Flutter App Development Tools For Developers In 2024

Top 13 Flutter App Development Tools For Developers In 2024

There are too many businesses who prefer Flutter simply because they want to build a powerful native-looking cross-platform app without spending a fortune. Yes, Flutter is the development framework to help you build great apps at a shoestring budget. Flutter is also preferred for its rich set of inbuilt widgets and tools and faster development capability.

Flutter ecosystem offers plenty of useful and high-performance tools for all web development needs. These ready-to-use tools make the greatest value proposition for Flutter.

Here we are going to explain some of the most notable tools provided by Flutter cross-platform app development framework.

Flutter App Development Tools in 2024

  • Panache

Panache is a widely popular and trusted tool used mainly for custom theme building with material design principles. This easy to use tool helps developers to create a highly customised look and feel for delivering an aesthetically appealing design.

By using this tool developers can easily customise design layout, fonts, colours, shapes, and all these properties. The best thing is that you can also save custom design attributes with a .dart file in Google Drive.

  • Codemagic


This is a superb development tool that most Flutter developers use when they need automation testing of other software tools and APIs before using them in the intended app. This tool also allows simplifying the setting up or startup process for any software following the installation. As of now, in the entire Flutter ecosystem, Codemagic remains to be the most popular and widely recommended software testing and maintenance tool.

Codemagic as a development and testing tool also delivers superb output in terms of enhancing the Flutter app development process. Hire Flutter Developers India that can easily test and launch software applications without involving any friction. Another important fact about the tool is that it helps in handing over the app ownership when the app is sold.

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  • Test Magic

Test Magic is basically a comprehensive and robust flutter app development tool helping with beta testing and installation of beta versions of both iOS and Android apps. If you want a good beta-testing app in the Flutter ecosystem, this one is the best.

Test Magic is the right tool to help app development projects embrace Continuous Development and Continuous Integration without involving any friction or difficulties.

  • Supernova

Supernova is another popular tool to help developers build sleek UI code following the Material Design principle for all Flutter app projects. The tool is also very helpful for building widgets required in implementing the material design in Flutter apps.

  • Android Studio

Android Studio is the leading Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that Flutter app developers across the niches prefer for their projects. It is considered to be one of the most efficient IDEs to ensure optimum productivity of developers.

The IDE tool offers extensive support for editing widgets, highlighting syntax, and completing code automatically. The most important thing is, with this tool developers can run Flutter apps in all intended Android devices.

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  • AppsFlyer


Do you want a comprehensive and powerful tool to keep track of the app user sources and attributions? Then this one is the best to choose. This is a great tool to track where your users are coming from so that your marketing team can make better decisions to promote the app further.

Thus is the right tool through which the market reaches and the success of the marketing campaigns of any cross-platform Flutter app can be evaluated. The tool will provide a comprehensive idea of where the app is performing well and getting traction and where the app is failing.

  • Amplitude

When it comes to choosing a tool for powerful in-app analytics that can help app developers to gain user insights corresponding to their preferences, behaviour and intent, Amplitude is the best.

This awesome analytical tool can help any Flutter app to analyse a multitude of user and session data so that businesses can make precise data-driven decisions for making future strategies or for addressing users.

  • Firebase


Firebase is the backend database from Google that can be easily put to use by the Flutter developers. This database solution can easily be used for releasing the Flutter app across iOS and Android marketplaces. This tool just through a single API offers the complete Firebase APIs.


It is a robust open-source analytics tool that any Flutter app development project will find useful. It is also a great tool to help with maintaining optimum data security and data privacy. Thanks to this tool developers can easily keep track of the mission-critical KPIs and most important metrics corresponding to the app performance, output, and user engagement. Some of the key features of the tool include push notifications, A/B testing, flags, etc.

While the free version of the tool offers all the above-mentioned features and capabilities, the paid version of the tool offers several value-added features and key metrics. The paid version of the tool also gives developers the flexibility to host the entire tool on the cloud. The paid tool comes power-packed with a lot of features such as flags, push notifications, and A/B testing.

  • Appetize

For building mobile as well as online games, Appetize is considered to be the most appropriate tool. This Flutter development tool helps with the installation of the iOS and Android apps with ease. This is also the tool that keeps alive the essential cross-platform development promise of Flutter.

  • Adobe Plugins

For many design and development tasks, the Adobe XD the plugin comes as a handy tool for Flutter developers. Apart from helping with the design and customisation of UI elements, this plugin allows creating the Dart code to integrate all the particular design elements right into the codebase of the Flutter app.

  • Instabug


If you want to enjoy thorough and excessive control over everything that is taking place in the app background, this bug detection and bug fixing tool deserves your attention. Besides detecting and rectifying bugs the tool provides crash reports, reports on bugs and errors, and reports on all other issues that the users are facing.

The tool allows developers to report bugs and all errors without needing to leave the app. Additionally, the tool helps the users to engage with precisely addressed surveys on user experience and can deliver in-depth insights on user behaviour and activities.

  • RevenueCat

If your Flutter app involves regular subscriptions and in-app purchases, this tool can take the burden of managing monetisation and all related tasks. All Flutter apps depending on subscriptions and in-app purchases, find this tool truly invaluable.

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Let us now admit that there are too many other tools in the Flutter ecosystem that equally deserve a place in this listing. But from the rich ecosystem of Flutter, we only tried to pick the most acclaimed ones from different categories.

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