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Importance Of Magento Integration With eBay and Amazon

Importance Of Magento Integration With eBay and Amazon

Magento is a leading choice for businesses and enterprises who are looking for a robust, scalable and secure eCommerce platform for their business. Magento comes with a host of benefits which supports your online business and increase customer outreach by providing rich functionality, user interface, and overall successful shopping experience.

eCommerce business provides immense leverage as compared to traditional commerce. For example, imagine you have a store in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, now if you want to sell your product via retail you would need to have inventory available on all three stores, which requires overhead in terms of logistics, supply chain management, manpower, infrastructure and many more.

Now compare the same scenario with having a Magento Development Services, which is collaborating with another eCommerce website under different branding but they are accessing the same inventory from database, logistic and entire eCommerce ecosystem. This is leverage – doing more with less. The scenario becomes even more interesting when you have a Magento Website and are also having a store on eBay as well as Amazon.

Interesting Facts About eBay

  • Annual revenue of around $20bn
  • Operating in over 40 markets including the United States
  • eBay has over 150 million active buyers worldwide
  • It is guesstimated that on eBay there is a sale of approx. $3k USD per second

Interesting Facts About Amazon

  • No. 1 selling e-tailer in the World
  • Annual revenue of around $34bn
  • Serves almost 137 customers a week globally
  • Rules 10% of North America’s eCommerce business

Looking at the above facts it definitely makes sense to integrate your product inventory and utilize powerful platforms like eBay and Amazon to sell your product and reach global consumers. There are different ways of syncing the product inventory from Magento to eBay and Amazon. M2Epro is a leading Magento plugin that can be used to power your Magento website that can collaborate with your eBay and Amazon store. Following are a few of the key features that can be availed:

Magento Integration Services

  • Centralized Inventory control from your website You can upload the inventory to your website and it will automatically become available on eBay and Magento. This will save considerable time and overall management efforts required for a website owner.
  • One place Data Management Complete product attributes can be managed in one place.
  • Flexible Pricing control for products across different platforms Centralization doesn’t compromise on flexibility. Even though you can manage all the product inventory at one place you will still have the flexibility of keeping different pricing for the same on the website, eBay and Amazon.
  • Automation Product update, selling, logistics are all automated thereby providing leverage to your business.

In a fast-growing eCommerce ecosystem, it is important that you leverage multiple channels to promote your products to global consumers and the above scenario is just another way to empower your business using technology.

CMARIX has expertise into Magento community and Magento Enterprise implementation.

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Written by Jeegnasa Mudsa

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