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Magento Commerce Cloud Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your B2B Business, Learn Why!

Magento Commerce Cloud Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your B2B Business, Learn Why!

In this technology-driven world, the only constant thing with each passing day is CHANGE.

The inflection point for a B2B industry is shifting from outbound sales to eCommerce. Today, according to Forrester, the B2B online retail market has grown to $1 trillion+ and is expected to grow $2trillion by 2020. The B2B eCommerce is developing at a staggering pace, isn’t it? This change embarks B2B online retail industry as the new emerged B2B industry with a boatload of innovation & flexibility, and B2B sellers are eagerly waiting to ride this wave of growth.

The innovation begins with blurring the thin line between B2B and B2C. The B2B eCommerce platforms earlier were draining efficiency, catering a lackluster user experience, and curtailed traffic due to poor SEO footprint. The need for a system that empowers the sellers to work at peak efficiency was fulfilled by Magento.

Prior, exploring the power of Magento commerce cloud for B2B, let’s know the challenges faced by a B2B system.

B2B Web Challenges

The technological innovations are becoming complex with each day as they are setting new standards for seamless customer service online. In consequence, serving the flexibility to B2B customers is becoming daunting in comparison to B2C customers. The B2B eCommerce has various tangles in it, unlike B2C. The B2B experts expect similar or better user experience and convenience like they avail from personal shopping. B2B customers are involved in multiple services and the systems need to operate according to the various demands and needs. For example, the requirement for extensive quoting, backend integrations, discount management, and more should be catered accurately. The B2B eCommerce is on an upward trajectory and as the B2B sellers/buyers will demand online experience like those of B2C platform, the complexities of technology challenges will rise.

Hence, the B2B business model needs an eCommerce platform that is agile, flexible and accommodating of different add-ons and customization. Here, Magento comes into the picture proving its mettle as best B2B eCommerce platform.

Enhance The B2B Compatibilities With Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento and B2B eCommerce goes hand-in-hand. It perfectly fits in the demand of advanced B2B sellers who are tired of working with traditional approaches like paperwork, spreadsheets, and telephone-ordering. Magento always embraces new products and services and now for B2B it pushes the commerce boundaries with powerful Magento Commerce cloud.

The revolution begins with cloud-based solutions, as they are innovating at a great pace that outdistances traditional on-premise approaches. You will observe the optimality by analyzing the improvements in user experience, support for multi-tier distribution selling or better pricing techniques.

Undoubtedly, Magento Commerce is coined as a leader in B2B commerce suite space by Forrester research. The cloud technology will empower the B2B executives to integrate various benefits including latest cloud advancements with their different business models and in consequence, they can elevate the productivity with business success.

The B2B owners can leverage the benefits of Magento development like easy drag-and-drop content management features, support social commerce and grow from built-in analytics report. Such advancements into a B2B eCommerce system will allow the eCommerce developers and owners to delight their audiences with seamless, personalized experiences for all the channels and different phases of the customer journey. Few more benefits are –

  • Enhanced Content Management Capabilities: The Magento commerce cloud will cater better and faster experiences. The inclusion of modern content management tool, MagentoBlueFoot CMS makes the content creation and management process easy. Merchants won’t need any technicalities to add or manage any content and can enhance the shopping experience in a more compelling way.
  • Integrate Unified Social Media Presence: Magento social empowers the eCommerce entrepreneurs to engage directly with the audience through different social channels. Along with this they can easily integrate updates and get detailed analytics about traffic.
  • Gain Knowledge about Performance Visibility: Now with Commerce cloud, Magento provides merchants customizable business intelligence tools. The tools can help them to understand customers, products, and orders in detail.

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The challenges faced by B2B merchants are solved with following key features:

  • Corporate Account Management: With this feature, the merchant can pay attention to the individual approach, as the hierarchy is properly defined with varying roles and permissions from buyers to sellers.
  • Quick Ordering: With this notable feature now you can drive recurring revenues. The feature enables you to use requisitions, copy previous order, upload lists with SKU’s, manage order management routine, buy goods automatically on basis of subscriptions, or seamlessly export your order data to third-party applications.
  • Custom Catalogs & Pricing: Manage custom catalogs and personalized price groups for individuals, companies or a group of customers.
  • Improved Routing & Order Delivery: Optimal choice for organizations that ship from multiple locations, as now they can select the fulfillment source.
  • Backend Integrations: Without any trouble integrate and allow real-time communications with any ERP, CRM with help of APIs or off-the-shelf extensions.
  • Multi-Channel Support: The platform enables to manage different eCommerce brands in multiple locations for B2B or B2C portals.

B2B eCommerce is definitely growing exponentially and ultimately you can witness the rise in its competition. In order to occupy your space in this dog-eat-dog business world, the B2B merchants will need a power of a utilitarian eCommerce platform like Magento Commerce cloud to be on top. The platform that caters all your B2B eCommerce procurement management needs with ease and simplicity. Hence, Magento is an undeniable leader in B2B eCommerce industry.

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