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How Much Does It Cost to Make an App: Understanding App Development Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App: Understanding App Development Cost

In the present technologically upgraded era, the majority of mobile users buy products online. According to research of eMarketer, 90% of smartphone users spend their time on mobile applications while browsing the internet. Gradually, the significance of mobile applications is rising based on the need of the hour. Most of globally reckoned organizations and companies use the online forums to attract and grab a large number of customers worldwide. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of human life and mobile apps serve as the bridges to transcend from one world to the other within a few seconds.

In the case of creating an application, the company needs the right information concerning your requirements from the application. Some of the most important factors here are,

The type of Application

  • Platform
  • Functions
  • Design
  • Infrastructure
  • Type of Development Team
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Market Share
  • Hourly Cost

The Research work of Statista reveals, nearly 204 billion mobile applications were downloaded in 2020. People are increasingly getting into using mobile applications to shop and to fulfill other needs as well. Especially, the youth all around the world feel helpless without their smartphones. With the growing time, the demand for mobile applications is getting higher.

App Development Cost

App Development Cost

There are a number of basic mobile-based application features like login and logout process, photo and video upload, songs and videos, map setting, profile lock with a password, search options, texting facilities, status updates, receiving notifications, Payment details, etc. The inclusion of these facilities in an app may range from $350 to $7000. The payment applications demand more time than the other general apps.

The cost of application development is not fixed, as the process depends on a number of factors. The features,and designs, location are some of the vital factors in the course of the Application development. There are different sections in a software machine-like, music apps, game applications, business applications, travel applications, sports applications, photo applications, social media applications, health applications, and many more. The range of the development cost differs based on the different mobile platforms. The region is another important factor in app development costs. According to a research program, in North America, the price for application development is $150/hour. The applications with servers cost more than the basic applications. The gaming apps deal with complex features, so the development cost leaps up to $250,000.

Development Cost of different applications changes depending on the price of the features. The app development projects go through a number of stages, namely,

  • On average, initially, the process involves market research. This step costs less than $5,000.
  • The application development charge costs around $5,000.
  • The examination and maintenance of the applications range from $5,000 to $ 10,000 respectively.

The marketing price also comes under the App Development Project. The development of hybrid applications is more expensive than native application developments. In order to lessen your app development cost, you need to do the needed research work and select the team carefully.

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Mobile App Development Cost Estimate India

Mobile App Development Cost Estimate India

In India, the major companies spend up to $100K to $400k every year after mobile application development. The cost takes around $100/hour based on the skill set and range of works. In India, the number of smartphone users is gradually increasing to a surprising number of nearly 7 billion. For every business hub or company, it has been a compulsion to focus on the development of the mobile App development to process a smooth connection with the users. The development of the applications is done through several stages. In the initial stage of planning, the ideas are amalgamated in order to analyze the issue.

The cost during this phase varies from $1K to $10K. Next, the design part comes. The designing part may include customization of the products. Graphic designers must keep in mind the quality of the graphics. At this stage, the designing process charges around $1K to $20K. The most long-term phase of the process is the cost estimation of app development. The development cost for Android smartphones in India ranges from $15 to $100 per hour. The charges for App testing and maintenance are approx. varying from $1K to $20K.

India places a huge number of app development companies and farms. In the metro cities of India, like, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai, these companies are engaged in the application development process with the rising demand. India, one of the many countries in the world, excels in the job of mobile app development. The Indian mobile application development companies mostly focus on Android smartphone sets. Oftentimes, we notice that the best mobile app development company in India offers their services to the clients belonging to European and American countries. Indian companies can offer foreign clients high quality at a comparatively lower price.

According to the research programs conducted by Indian Universities and institutes, we have seen that most of the smartphone application developer companies in India possess more than five years of experience in the field. On the other hand, the statistics present that the iOS development companies are comparatively very young and less experienced.

New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad are considered to be the three major application developers’ hotspots in India. We have found at around 60 % of the developing companies of India located in that particular region. In India, the mobile application cost seems to be cheaper when it comes to the comparison with foreign countries like Europe and America. India produces a large number of freelancers who are able to finish the job with great fineness and efficiency. The freelancers cost very little, as they are less experienced and not certified. Indian mobile application developers have the capability to work on different languages at the same time.

While choosing an Indian Application Developer, the users must pay attention to some of the most important factors, so as to say,

  • A Review of the past experience of the Companies
  • Recommendations
  • Position in Market Place

The Mobile application cost in India depends on various factors,

  • The types of organization or specialists
  • The types of job
  • The regional factor
  • The range of the companies
  • Number of qualities and services of the companies
  • Types of Mobile Applications
  • Different types of plan

The expense is not fixed in the development of an application; instead, the cost factors are dependent on the different above-mentioned factors. As per the record, the users spend above 80% time on the applications in their smartphones. The primary factors behind the services of mobile development applications are the highlights of the apps. The application development cost depends on the ideas, stories and story points as well. The development cost differs depending on the types of applications, namely; Web Applications, Native Applications, and Hybrid Applications. The application types are the same all over the world including third-world countries like India.

The standard mobile applications cost varies from 30K dollars to 2M dollars. The application development companies emphasize on the design of an app along with the expenditure in the present time. The 3D game applications cost more than the normal basic applications. Camera application in an android or iOS set is expensive enough. The entirely data-based applications need up-gradation with the growing time.

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How Much to Make an App?


Various surveys have been done regarding the cost value to create and design an application. There is a small research table on how much does it cost to make an app in an hour in the context of the following countries,

Countries iOS/Hour Android/Hour
North America $150 $150
South America $43 $37
United Kingdom $71 $71
Europe $40 $40
India $25 $26

According to the research table, North America is the most expensive region in the production of applications. On the other hand, India is quite low in the cost of services.

According to the research programs of various companies, the cost to create an Application can range from $38,000 to $211,000 based on the complexity of the application. Applications primarily upgrade from simple to complex ones. There are numerous companies across the boundaries that develop Applications. The yardstick to measure the cost of an application is the hourly cost. The cost of building any application depends on the locational background as well.

A number of questions arise from this chart, as all the android or Windows applications are not equal. As well as with the cost issue, the time also varies in the course of the production. The building process of a simple basic application needs nearly 3-6 months, whereas a medium complex application takes nearly a year. Last but not the least, a complex application needs more than 8-10 months and sometimes even more than a year. There are various types of applications available like Native App, Hybrid App, etc.

There is a general misconception that the best quality application can only be created out of high cost. This thought may lead the companies to unnecessary expenditure.

App Development Cost Calculator

There are a number of cost calculators in the course of the App Development process. The cost depends on different factors like targeted platforms, online and offline applications, number of features, number of screens and applications, simple/complex features, upgraded applications, special effects, cost of third party involvement, the rate of companies etc.

Hire iPhone App Developers in India

Hire iPhone App Developers India

Hire iPhone App Developers India creates highly featured iOS applications of the current trend. The company offers the clients with the best of the products at a very reasonable price. The application developer primarily focuses on App Upgradation and migration, devoted application developers, learning applications, customized application development, music app development, application testers, iPad development, support, and maintenance cost and consultation charges.

The companies offer services to more than 3K clients all over the world. XICOM is considered to be one of the most significant iPhone mobile application development companies with the back support of more than three hundred expert developers. The company offers service to nearly ½ M clients in a year.

Application design, application strategy, application testing, enterprise and game application are the major focuses of the company to upgrade the quality more. Hiring iOS application developers in India creates a great balance among time, standard, and money.

Some of the most important rules and regulations maintained by the company are,

  • Strictly confidential agreement
  • The assistance of top-level application developers
  • Less expensive
  • Speedy delivery
  • Incredible teamwork
  • No contract issues

The factors that attract the clients to the services of the iOS developers are,

  • Skilled application developers
  • Quality services
  • Easily communicative
  • No training rules
  • Budget-friendly
  • App Consultants
  • App Migration
  • Helpful Experts
  • Maintenance Support

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