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Why Companies Should Choose Vue.js For Application Development?

Why Companies Should Choose Vue.js For Application Development?

Vue.js is one of the most popular front-end frameworks that in recent times has gained immense popularity thanks to its dynamic capability. As a JavaScript framework for web app development, Vue.js offers an array of advantages developers were always looking for.

The popularity of Vue.js can be best explained with some recent stats. As per a survey conducted by The State of JavaScript in 2017, 48% web app developers expressed their wish to learn while at least one-fifth of them are already using it. A whopping 90% frontend developers said they want to use the framework in their future development projects. With 40k stats on the Github platform, the framework grabbed the first position in 2017 among various JavaScript frameworks.

There are several reasons behind such unprecedented popularity of this framework in recent years. It is a lean and lightweight framework equipped with all the relevant tools for building sophisticated apps in quick time. It is a scalable and flexible framework with an exceptionally low learning curve. No wonder, any VueJS. development company today experience a better inflow of projects compared to development companies having mastery over other frameworks.

Unmatched Simplicity

Simplicity and exceptional ease of use is the key strength of VueJS. It comes with a very well articulated and simple information architecture to help to incorporate the framework across multiple web development projects at ease. The simplicity of the framework allows developers to create various templates that can further allow easy customization in the development process while reducing the development time significantly.

Agile And Fast-Paced

Vue.js is perfect for modern app development because of its agility and pace of development. The developers can quickly integrate the required ones from a broad selection of tools as per their project needs without requiring much exercise and efforts. On the other hand, VueJS also offers full support to progressive application development to allow easy configuration. Besides pace of development VueJS also ensures fast website speed and glitch-free performance for any web app of choice.

Flexibility And Adaptability

VueJS is a thoroughly flexible framework that perfectly fits into cross-platform app development needs. Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability VueJS apps can easily fit into several OS environments. You can also use this framework along with web development languages such as PHP or HTML or with other JavaScript frameworks of your choice. As the ultimate token of its flexibility, it also provides awesome support for the progressive web app (PWA). With VueJS you can ensure stability while having an array of development options at your disposal.

While building web apps with VueJS you always have the option of incorporating different features of your choice because of the component-based view of the framework. It comes with all sorts of tools comprising everything required for different problems. All you need is to select the components or building blocks required for your development project.

You have an efficient solution for every problem just with a single framework. While Vue only focuses on the View layer of the app, there are other ready-to-use tools like

Vuex, Vue Router, Vue Test Utils, and Vue CLI. Thus for different development projects, the framework allows you to pick your required tools. Most important of all, you can start using all these tools right away without wasting your valuable time in learning them. The entire ecosystem of VueJS adapts to the development needs with incremental addition of required tools.

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Gentle Learning Curve

Most frontend developers are of opinion that VueJS has almost zero learning curve to master. A developer having just workable knowledge of HTML and JavaScript can use the framework easily to his advantage. This low learning curve further makes VueJS ideal when it comes to finding developer talents and putting them together in a development team for any app project. The low learning curve also makes hiring VueJS developers a less expensive proposition.

Fast-Paced Development Thanks to Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Command-Line Interface

VueJS is also popular worldwide among the developers thanks to the integrated command line interface (CLI) of the framework. Thanks to the CLI, the entire time and energy spent on setting up projects and for scaffolding can be reduced to a minimum. Vue CLI from helping developers to choose the tools to set up the projects offers support to ensure fast-paced development.

The latest Vue CLI version makes it even easier. It helps the developers to set up the entire project by just selecting a few questions that describe the project best. This ensures creating the scaffold or initial setup of the app in the fastest possible time. Moreover, as the latest Vue CLI version uses a configuration of Webpack and Babel, the initial size of the bundle can easily be kept to a minimum. This allows developers to add features to the app incrementally over time as the app grows.

Helps To Fill The Shortfall of AngularJS and ReactJS

The developer who created VueJS initially worked with Google in some AngularJS projects. As an experienced developer, he was also familiar with the shortcomings of ReactJS, the other most popular JavaScript framework. Naturally, when creating VueJS, he always gave priority to address these shortcomings. This is why VueJS in contrast to those two frameworks are reduced to a smaller size while not missing the best features of both.

It is important to understand the typical aspects taken from other two frameworks. The easy to use templates with clean syntax is a typical attribute of AngularJS while the component-based development approach is typical of ReactJS. But where the VueJS stands unique is the array of built-in tools, low learning curve and small size. While it doesn’t miss the positives of the two other frameworks it comes a more lean, simple and flexible choice for web app development projects. This precisely gave VueJS an upper hand over all other JavaScript frameworks.

Offering The Optimal Performance

As we mentioned earlier, VueJS comes as a very lean and lightweight framework. This ensures delivering optimum performance. The size of the entire framework is just about 20KB. Vue 2.0 is even lighter than this. It is by far considered to be the fastest framework as besides small size the rendering layer of the framework is just coded with the leaner implementation of Virtual DOM forked with snabbdom.

Huge Community

Finally, for a framework to become successful and stay relevant over years, it must have the great support of worldwide developer community. VueJS from the very beginning thanks to its strong and unique attributes enjoyed great popularity and community support. It has now a very active community spread all over the globe that continuously comes with value additions and support for other developers.

Do you want to build a lean and performance-savvy app using VueJS and involving our vuejs developer expertise with the framework? Just feel free to drop us a message and let us respond to your query at the earliest.

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