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15 Best Web Application Ideas for a Startup in 2023

15 Best Web Application Ideas for a Startup in 2023

The rising popularity of apps has led to an enormous increase in the number of startups every year. To get a foothold in the technology market, startups search for unique web app ideas that are bound to grab user attention. It is vital to note that startups are garnering more money than was previously possible. If you are a startup enthusiast, now is the perfect time to launch your own business. However, for this, you need to Hire Angular Developers. At CMARIX, you get an excellent team of developers with out-of-the-box ideas and concepts.

Top 15 Web App Ideas for Launching a Startup

Did you know that the market size of the global Progressive Web Application is projected to reach USD 7600 million within 2026 at a CAGR of 34%? That clearly indicates how popular web apps are right now.

There are numerous web app ideas that you can consider for your startup. However, it is vital that you understand its demand in the market and work out other details before choosing it. For this, you must take the aid of the best Software Development Company London.

Here is the list of the best 15 web app ideas for beginners. Take a look –

1. Travel Planning App

Travel Planning App Development

The onset of the lethal covid-19 has halted all travel plans right now. But, when everything becomes normal, traveling will become popular again. You can launch an app that can offer a wide range of information about flight tickets availability, hotel bookings, places to visit, etc.

2. Best Healthcare App

Healthcare Application Development

Launching a healthcare app right now can be highly profitable. You can choose various options such as medicine delivery, doctor appointment, diagnostic report tracking, etc. You can choose any one of the options you want and start developing a user-friendly app.

3. Family Interactions App

Despite extremely busy schedules, taking time out for family is crucial. However, that can become a problem if you live in different places. With an integrated app that can aid in easy communication between family members, you can maintain your bonds. The app allows you to chat, send images, etc.

4. Memes and Gifs App

Nowadays, memes and gifs are a cultural trend. You can take advantage of the hype and create an app that caters to gifs and memes. Here, users can gain access to different gifs and memes. Moreover, they must also be able to share it with others on social media.

5. AR-based Interior Design App

People often face the dilemma of whether a particular decor item will look good in the space you want it to be. In that case, an app that uses AR can help. With this AR technology, it is possible to visualize 3D models of the room and place the furniture in it.

6. YouTube Radio App

You can take advantage of the immense popularity of YouTube and launch an excellent YouTube Radio app. Here, the users can get access to the latest trending content. Apart from that, there will be no need to make an effort to search. You can simply play the radio app and enjoy.

7. ML-based Astrology App

ML-based Astrology App Development

Numerous people across the globe believe in horoscopes and astrology. With the help of ML, it is not possible to predict patterns of an individual. This app can give them an idea about the future based on the data that you feed it. Here, the algorithm that gives the result needs to be top-notch.

8. Security Access App

Owing to the high crime rate, people are focusing on installing top-grade security devices. Here, a web app that allows people to control the different security systems easily will become an instant hit.

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9. Crime Alert App

It is unfortunate, but despite best efforts, crimes are not going to vanish overnight. The crime alert web app can help you remain safe. Here, you can upload or notify any current crimes occurring in your locality. You can also gain access to helpline numbers and call for assistance.

Hire Mobile App Developer

10. Book Review App

If you are a book lover, chances are you look out for book reviews before actually purchasing them. In that case, a dedicated book review app that offers the honest feedback of readers can bring in huge revenues. Apart from book reviews, readers can also create a database of books.

11. Dating App

Best Dating Web App Development

In this era of digital tech, best online dating apps are highly popular. Here, you can search through numerous profiles and select the one you think you can connect with. It is with algorithms that the app matches characteristics, interests, etc.

12. Employee Training App

In order to increase the skill set of the employees, offices often conduct training. The employee training app can keep track of the documents, list the necessary classes. For the best app, you need to Hire backend developer.

13. Foreigner Navigation App

One of the most common problems that foreigners feel in another country is the language barrier. You can bring a solution to the problem with this unique app. The app must be able to translate the foreigner’s voice into the local language and vice versa. That way, foreigners can navigate the country with relative ease.

14. Coupons and Discounts App

In an effort to sell more products, numerous eCommerce stores offer different coupons, deals, and discounts. People will highly appreciate a web app where they can easily find the latest coupons and discounts of other ecommerce platforms. Here, a user-friendly interface is of utmost importance.

15. On-demand Grocery App

On-demand Grocery App Development

On-demand apps have gained massive popularity in the last few years. With this grocery app, you can order the items you want on the go. Moreover, you can relax as it will be delivered to your doorstep. But, to gain more customers, you must Hire backend developers.


These are some of the web app ideas that you can consider for launching your startup in 2022. It is imperative to conduct extensive mattered research before finalizing any concept. Moreover, you also need to opt for the best development company. In that case, you can choose CMARIX. Hire Dedicated Developers and get the best services from CMARIX now!

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