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UPS AVS API Integration in Magento

UPS AVS API Integration in Magento

Logistics is an inevitable component of any eCommerce business. Finding the right shipping provider can make your life easier as a business and ensure higher customer satisfaction. It is always challenging to figure out which delivery service provider matches your exact business needs. If you run an online store for any period of time you will have a returned package. It happens. People are in a rush and they sometimes displace a digit or leave off the street name. At the point when the shipping department processes hundreds or thousands of orders and needs to stop to approve each address, this can create a complication and even hazard not getting the package shipped out because it requires a phone call to the customer to confirm the right address. Wouldn’t you want to find this out before you ship the package? In order to prevent failed deliveries and address correction extra charges, it is among eCommerce best practices to validate your addresses through Address verification technique before you create labels. There are various services available such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx and so on. UPS is one of the reliable and best tracking shipping carrier for Online Seller.

United Parcel Service (UPS) is using modern innovation to revolutionize supply chain management. The shipping organization is growing its business to include a symbiotic relationship between itself and any outside organization that will integrate their technologies into their procedure. UPS is developing its wireless, billing, freight and global advances to genuinely offer a balanced solution for any small to large company’s shipping and supply chain management prerequisites. Largely web-based technology solutions streamline and increase cost efficiencies of any organization. UPS offers street-level address validation which returns various address recommendations rather than just one.

AVS API(Address Validation Street Level) is a real-time web service API that permits organizations to validate, correct and standardize address information, pinpoint customer address areas with geocoding and add demographics. It enhances the processing and delivery of mail by standardizing and verifying addresses to ensure deliverability by adding any missing data. In addition, this address validation service translates a street address to latitude-longitude coordinates and gives demographic information to create a comprehensive customer profile. Address validation offers many benefits-less returned mail, better address information, consolidated duplicate addresses, enhanced communication with customers, reduced mailing costs, and increased delivery speeds.

Magento is among most reliable open source eCommerce platform used globally by businesses. UPS AVS API integration with Magento is quite extensive allowing you to check an address by matching customer names that correspond to street validates recipient address information before you ship a package.

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To further elaboration on UPS AVS API integration with Magento, please refer to below specifics. Integration is facilitated using SOAP which is a simple XML-based protocol that allows applications to exchange information over HTTP. It is built on open standards supported by various web development tools on different platforms. In the given image there is SOAP connection code in which Magento fetch the suggestion detail from the UPS AVS via SOAP method. For connection, UPS AVS account’s user credential required.

UPS AVS API integration

UPS Address Validation Street Level ensures that shipping addresses are valid. With this API, if there is an error in the shipping address, a list of potential valid addresses is given. Address order can also be used to figure out whether address is residential or commercial.

UPS Address Validation Street Level

Here are the steps of how AVS API works with Magento:

  • Customer starts the checkout procedure and inserts his/her shipping address details.
  • If the inserted address belongs to the postal address system, the system sends information to the UPS AVS API attempting to validate the address.
  • If the shipping address is valid, the system continues the checkout procedure;
  • If the shipping address is not valid, the API provides the user options for further actions in a pop-up window.
  • If the system recognizes the address but it does not fully conform to the standard, or some of the fields are incorrect, the system suggests its version of the addresses accordingly while allowing the user to adjust the address manually or to continue with the originally indicated address.
  • The system displays a pop-up window with corresponding options.

AVS API works with Magento

By clicking the Continue button the user confirms his selection and continues with the checkout. Similar pop-up windows are displayed in all cases both in the fronted back end.

Benefit of UPS AVS API

  • Reduced Package Return

By approving that an address is correct before sending out a mailing, organizations will reduce the amount of undeliverable mail that is returned. Depending upon the size and frequency of mailings, this approval can lead to significant savings for organizations.

API integration

  • Improved Quality of Address Data

Validating that an address is correct at the time it is listed into your database and afterward using list processing to regularly clean, verify, and update the address list will help organizations achieve significant improvements in address data quality.

  • Better Communication with Customers

Organizations rely upon effective communication with customers to succeed. Using services that check and standardize the customers’ addresses will enhance your ability to communicate with customers via postal mail and open opportunities that may have otherwise been lost. Organizations that use address verification services are able to communicate with customers via mail faster and cheaper.

  • Reduced Fraud

You can authenticate addresses proceeding to accepting orders through your website. This will ensure a faster and smoother payment procedure and save the cost of transportation to a wrong address, returns and resending.

In current eCommerce ecosystem address validation technique is an effective tool for controlling logistic costs by ensuring that each order package reaches its intended destination. Using UPS AVS API with your Magento website automates the process of validating address data to rapidly produce high quality data. In addition, it accompanies the results with a list of status codes that your company can use to analyze its address database, refine its understanding of beneficiaries based on location and mailbox type, and enhance its ability to make strategic, cost-effective decisions. For any type of business there are good reasons to choose for the validation of addresses. In the case of ecommerce websites validation greatly improves the shopping experience and conversion rates.

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