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Why React Native is the Ideal Framework for Building MVP Apps?

Why React Native is the Ideal Framework for Building MVP Apps?

When you aspire for a robust mobile presence for your business, a mere mobile friendly or responsive website is not enough. You need a hybrid mobile app rather. It equally allows your customers to enjoy the native feel of your app and access services and products over the web. With a mobile app occupying the device screens of your loyal and frequent customers, you have far better chances of garnering traction and converting business. A mobile app is invincible in the digital scheme of things for any brand.

But building a mobile app presumably a high budget affair and most startups and small businesses just consider it a hilarious task to build one to reach their ever growing audience. When the budget is the constraint, it is ideal to opt for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which concerns building an app with the most elementary and practically important features to keep the development cost and efforts to a minimum. For any mobile app development company also it offers an opportunity to get onboard the maximum number of app development projects.

While building the MVP app is already an established way to curb cost and minimize the time to market, you need to be very selective about the right set of tools and resources required for your project. There are several easy to use framework options are there including React Native, Vue, Angular, Ionic and a few others that fit the performance focused and elementary nature of MVP mobile app development. React Native over the years remained one of the most popular frameworks for building robust, cross-platform mobile apps for diverse niches. But before focusing on this, let us have a look at other credible framework options.

Some Ideal Frameworks For MVP Other Than React Native

As we mentioned earlier there are several other options than React Native app development for building MVP app. Let us have a look at few frameworks.

  • Ionic

    For developers with an extensive Angular development experience, this is the best framework for building MVP app. Ionic is nothing but a masterly combination of Apache Cordova with AngularJS. The key strength of the Ionic is that it comes with ready to use CSS styles for simulating a variety of native app screens and allowing perfect transition from one to the other. It is a superfast framework and comes with very detailed documentation inside. The only negative is the heavier dependence on Angular.

  • Atom

    The core value of MVP is to keep the app very lean in size, basic and straightforward in features and simple in user experience. In that respect, Atom just fits the development needs of an MVP app. It is ideal for all the people who don’t have any prior development experience. It allows you to build your own app and that’s the simplest approach. You can build an MVP app using Atom on a WISIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) interface that can be handled by anybody.

  • Ruby on Rails

    For any startup, the cost advantage is the primary motivation for opting for an MVP. Ruby on Rails is the ideal framework that saves the entire time required for fine-tuning an app again and again. This is because RoR offers one of the most iterative development processes among all frameworks. It is just a matter of few hours for your application to go alive when you build the app with Ruby on Rails.

  • Meteor

    The MVP app of a startup should be built on a framework that allows exceptional speed, ease and performance if the end product. In that respect Meteor is a great framework. Meteor minimizes the process by allowing the developers to code the entire app with just one language, whether it the frontend, backend or the database the developers can use the only JavaScript. Meteor also has the real-time capability to update the changes in user interfaces instantly. Anybody familiar with the JavaScript syntax can start building an app with this framework without any prior experience.

  • Vue.js

    Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries which is known for its lightweight build and simple architecture. It allows faster coding of any application with ease and lot of flexible options. If you want a very lean, performance-driven and sophisticated framework MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture there is not a better option than Vue.

Why React Native for MVP App Development?

You can create react native app faster than by using other frameworks and with the least performance issues. React Native, a variant of the ReactJS framework has been created by Facebook with the objective to help to build robust native and hybrid apps rich in native rendering ability and functions.

Let us have a look at some of the key benefits if using React Native for MVP app development.

  • Code Reusability Allowing Faster Cross-Platform Development

    React Native is an ideal framework low budget MVP products as it allows building both React Native iOS and Android apps using the same codebase. This brings down the development time to a great extent and allows great cost advantages. Moreover, with faster development and time to market, it helps to launch and validating the app product quickly.
    When you use React Native, the apps built on both Android and iOS will deliver a real feel with the platform specific components used and design requirements fulfilled to the optimum extent. Even when the state changes, the framework delivers you the state-independent views. The user interface of the React Native app is rendered through native views and so, it provides a far better native user experience than other frameworks that mostly try to achieve native feel by rendering a web component inside the WebView.

  • Ideal For Creating a Simple Mobile Experience

    React Native is also popular for building the elementary MVP version of the app because it allows writing code in plain JavaScript and helps further by providing components and state models to create the interface and the logic. The result is a more native feeling application than a hybrid one. You get a simple mobile experience across both platforms quicker than you have thought with each platform separately. As a truly native experience for each platform is created by React Native, the mobile user experience becomes more rewarding and user-centric.

  • A Complete High-Performance Framework

    Many of the global brands and most digitally exposed companies relied on React Native to build their MVP and also for scaling the app further with more features and design attributes. React Native is considered a complete performance-focused framework for the following reasons.

  • Productivity: It ensures great output across platforms as nearly 95% of the core codebase is shared across both iOS and Android platforms.
  • App-store approval: React Native allows you to bypass the complexities and challenges for seeking App Store approval. The framework allows you to host the entire bundle on your own server and update the app over the air.
  • Performance: The framework provides almost identical native performance for both OS versions. React Native provides the nearly identical performance to native.
  • Great UX and animation: As the code just before rendering for the native views is converted, you enjoy very platform-optimized UI and smooth animation experience. It also allows running on both React Native Android and iOS app.

React Native Well Beyond the MVP

Building an MVP is far from the end of the road for your development efforts. It is rather just the beginning of a development journey that will come up with more updates, value additions and changes over the basic and elementary app product. In that respect too, React Native will continue to help you. React Native is a very scalable and adjustable language to the evolving needs if an app.

While building an app you just started with the basic and elementary features to establish the core value proposition of the app product in the market and to your target audience. Now, when the app is up and running and you need to add more features and design attributes as per the demands, you can add more libraries and change your app information architecture as per the suitability.


React Native has already received global acceleration as a stand-alone framework for building most sophisticated and performance savvy cross-platform mobile apps for both iOS and android. When it is about making a choice among scalable, flexible and rich frameworks for building MVP app on multiple mobile platforms, you cannot find a better choice than React Native.

Do you need expert advice on your next MVP development project? Do you need to hire a React Native developer for your next app development project? Let us guide you regarding your requirements and how can we help you complete the project successfully. Just drop us a message and we will engage with you at the earliest.

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