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What is the Process for New Android App Approval In App Store?

What is the Process for New Android App Approval In App Store?

Start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe are using Android more and more as their preferred platform for custom mobile app development. Android app ecosystem is very rich and moving actively towards the enterprise segment. Android mobiles are normally low in cost as compared to its iPhone, and this is one of the reasons why it has been widely used in developing countries as well as corporations.

Android App submission takes place via Google Play store. As an App owner following are the things one should ensure in terms of submitting App to Android market place:

  • Information on the Developer profile is up-to-date.
  • Google Merchant Account Details are correct
  • Content for store listing is ready for example Graphics, Video, Images, localized description, etc.
  • App’s pricing model is chosen. Either paid or free.
  • Geography and pricing, as well as the corresponding currency, is set.
  • Correct link to promotional website & contact details are provided
  • App meets the content policy guidelines
  • App meets the guidelines of Google play

The android market place is very receptive and friendly for new App submission. Recently, they have changed their policy and have brought about a review system whereby once a user submits the application it goes into the review system by Google play prior to submission. Even new Android OS is coming up later in May 2015.

In old days, it was much straightforward whereby there wasn’t any review process. The user submits the App and it will be accepted by Marketplace. To make the marketplace more qualitative and provide a better quality of App to the users, Google has introduced this App review system.

Google is also coming up with a new age-based rating system for apps. From May 2015, Google will be designating relevant rating system to each App and developers will be required to submit the questionnaire

As mentioned by Mr. Eunice Kim, product manager at Google, the app review process will bring forward significant improvement to the entire Android mobile app ecosystem and it would be beneficial for the App developers as well as the users.

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Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at CMARIX InfoTech, a leading web and mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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